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    In almost all such cases involving cancer, spiritual and psychic growth is being denied, or the individual feels that he or she can no longer grow properly in personal, psychic terms. This attempt to grow then activates body mechanisms that result in the overgrowth of certain cells.
    The individual insists upon growing or upon death, and forces an artificial situation in which growth itself becomes physically disastrous. This is because a blockage occurs.
    The individual wants to grow in terms of person hood, but is afraid of doing so. There are always individual variations that must be taken into consideration, but often such a person
    feels a martyr to his or her sex, imprisoned by it and unable to escape. This can obviously apply to cancers affecting sexual areas, but is often in the background of any such condition.
    Energy is being blocked because of problems that began, in your terms with sexual questions in puberty. Energy is experienced as sexual.

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    stay away from synthetic Estrogen

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    I am a person who has lived that illness, at the beginning i didnt understand what and why happened, but never loss control, my son was 17 years and i had to talk with him and i had to be stronger than him and explained that there are solutions and i had to take them, operation, chemotherapies and radiotherapies, it was not so easy, but God always was with me, my family and friends, and my boyfriend helped me during this  time, so my spirit was stronger, i never liked to be on bed as you see in hospitals, because i think if i coild walk ,stand up,etc i had to do an activity, so i continued  tecahing some english classes at institute, that therapy was the best, to do something, also i was cooking at home and cleaned,etc. and i think that experience made me stronger and see life so different that i cant waste life thinking what and why i dont have something, i learned how to apreciate people around me, boyfriend,son, family,friends, job, what God gives me everyday. There are some mountains close to my house, so i wake up everyday and see them, so bog and wonderful and i think for another day of life, i recognize i live problems, but they have solutions, the most important is to fill my spirit, make it strong, and so i can help others also. So dont worry and be afraid for this illness, its a prove to value the life God gives.

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    Since our body contain alot of water ,it is important todrink alot of water,to push outthe toxins in our bodies,the water gets stagnet just like a fish tank,Our ph in our bodies is what determines acidity,Most green vegtables are alkaline,non acidic,I call them super foods.If your bodys ph is not at 6.5 to 7.0 then you need to find out why,because,something is not good.there is a illness ,waiting to happen.

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    Cancer is caused when good cells turn and attack good cells,It can be caused by many things,chemicals,food additives ,plastic,which is made from petroleum.corn syrup,which is in everything,companys place corn syrup as a filler,it's cheap.I remember when soda's did not havecorn syrup.and ketchup,everything.The best thing a person can do,is cleanse your body every fall and every spring.And if you travel abroad,more .because of parasites.Eat alot of super foods,Great book to Read,Nutritional Healing Without prescription drugs.Awesome book,Tlks about anti-aging all ailments including cancer.

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    Everything and anything can cause cancer . All it takes is for something to turn on that cell and boom you got cancer , we all have it in us . We all know this . The real question is why ? Why is the world suffering from cancer ? Why has cancer taken over killing our riends,family and so on  WHY ? . Why has our world leaders let cancer wipe out mankind slowly ...
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    cancer and other diseases flourish in an acidic environment
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    Quoting author:

    Cancer usually occurs when the body is over run with free radicals. Free radicals start with poor sleep, bad diet, dehydration, pollution, and stress. In order to stop cancer before it starts the body needs anti-oxidants to kill the free radicals. The best anti-oxidant beverage in the market today is Mona Vie. If you have any questions e-mail me. Thanks.


    Now I understand why you call yourself. "SOCalExecutive"
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    I realize this is an old post but I was bored so I figured I would read some posts just to see what supposedly brilliant minds thinks. Did I just say brilliant minds? Oh dear I'm beginning to think just like these men that commented on this ridiculous thought that not eating properly and deep anger or more hog-wash causes cancer.
    Geniuses can you explain why a seven year old and some even younger get cancer? What can a one year old or two year old be thinking that's so frustrating to have caused brain cancer or what ever cancer he or she may be suffering from.
    Sometimes shit happens and sometimes it happens to the most loving and decent human beings. It just happens, if there's any blame to be given, blame it all on genes.
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    Cancer is normal for your body. You have it in your system from the moment you are born! Your immune system does a wonderful job of taking care of it. Where the problem comes in is when your immune system can no longer take care of the problem. The main culprit is poor diet and no nutrition in our foods. This is why we must take supplements. When you do, make sure its the best like Mona Vie or whole food vitamins.
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    Cancer is medically, scientifically, and spiritually proven to be caused by shock, trauma, or deeply ingrained negativity.
    Of course medically, doctors can see what the body's physical reactions are, but those reactions aren't the cause. They're reactions to the cause.
    When we strongly emote to something significant in our lives, our body goes into physical action instantly, creating a reaction to the initial cause, which was the upsetting experience.
    Sometimes it takes cancer up to two years to be diagnosed, but that doesn't mean that the problem just started. It actually started the moment the upsetting experience occurred in your life. It just takes time to be noticed. That's why it's hard to pin-point the cause of the cancer, as it takes time to develop to the stage of being a problem.
    Of course, we're talking about core beliefs that are often on a sub conscious level. Cancer is not caused by being ticked off at the paper boy. :o)
    It's caused by severe emotional upset, or fear.
    In fact, a person just being told that they have cancer, can actually create another form of cancer, because now they could be reeling from the shock regarding their future existence.
    Now, this news can be considered exciting because cancer is not some horrible disease that just decends on you because you're unlucky. There is actually a cause, which is very concrete.
    However, that does mean that we have to be responsible for our emotions, and take charge of them. Once we allow our emotional self to simply be reactive, we're in trouble. Not just mentally and emotionally, but physically too.
    There is so much information about this subject, so check it out, and be informed. Or, get in touch, and I can give you numerous resources.

    Love, and light,
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    Cancer usually occurs when the body is over run with free radicals. Free radicals start with poor sleep, bad diet, dehydration, pollution, and stress. In order to stop cancer before it starts the body needs anti-oxidants to kill the free radicals. The best anti-oxidant beverage in the market today is Mona Vie. If you have any questions e-mail me. Thanks.