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    Hey, come on Gentleman, I may have snow on my roof, but the furnace is still working nicely, thank you. ......Give me a break. Better get out that little blue pill to satisfy all those 18-45 year old women (girls) U R asking 4.
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    Hello my dear,age have nothing to with sexuality nor wrikles or strtch marks, do know today young like me prefer ladies than young girls? it is because old look more sexy at there age, remember there's a beliedve ab 31 years old young boy dating 95 years old lady and the rally care for each other.

    So stop thinking about your age, don't think there somebody ou there who wants you?

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    That is just insane.
    I have a kid and wear a size 2/4. I have no stretch marks what is there to say that you will be fat and ugly sue to bearing children..esp if you take the initiative to exercise and diet properly.
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    Sure there are active menpast their 50s, but on average, that is not the case. There is also a gulf in between what older men are willing to do sexually for women (in my experience anyway)-they are not so open to experiment as younger men are.
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    genuine lady, you are so humorious, that's the weakness of man, especially the old ones.
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    1. How many times a week do you fancy eating chocolate?
    (choose between 1 and 9)
    2. Multiply that number by 2.
    3. Add 5.
    4. Multiply by 50
    5. If you have had your birthday in 2006, add 1756. If your birthday is still to come, add 1755.
    6. Now take away the year you were born.

    You should have a three digit number. The first is the number of time you fancy eating chocolate in a week.
    The other two digits are ...
    YOUR AGE!!!

    2006 IS THE ONLY YEAR IN ALL ETERNITY WHEN THIS WORKS. (I don't eat chocolate so never fancy it !!)
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    Beautiful Women's Month

    Age 3: She looks at herself and sees a Queen.

    Age 8: She looks at herself and sees Cinderella.

    Age 15: She looks at herself and sees an Ugly Sister (Mum I can't go to school looking like this!)

    Age 20: She looks at herself and sees "too fat/too thin, too short/too tall, too straight/too curly"- but decides she's going out anyway.

    Age 30: She looks at herself and sees "too fat/too thin, too short/too tall, too straight/too curly" - but decides she doesn't have time to fix it, so she's going out anyway.

    Age 40: She looks at herself and sees "clean" and goes out anyway.

    Age 50: She looks at herself and sees "I am" and goes wherever she wants to go.

    Age 60: She looks at herself and reminds herself of all the people who can't even see themselves in the mirror anymore. Goes out and conquers the world.

    Age 70: She looks at herself & sees wisdom, laughter and ability, goes out and enjoys life.

    Age 80: Doesn't bother to look Just puts on a purple hat and goes out to have fun with the world.
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    Ha! ha! boy !!! I don't know where you get your books or information but men in their 50's and 60's are as active as men in their 20's and 30's you just have been hanging around with the wrong culture. Try Italian and Frenchman for a change and your perspective about it will probably change...there might be a few low drive puppies around but the majority are high gear men with the right lady. A survey in Cavada said couples in the French regions in their 40 to 50's had an average bed time fun 3 to 4 times a week...not bad uh !!! When they surveyed the English it looked like their motors were on the last leg as it reached in the once or lucky twice a week.

    As for men being with 15 to 20 years younger ladies well, that is your culture point of view and not others. I know many couples around here whom their wives are 10 to 20 years younger.

    I asked quite a few couple why the gap, women said the men were more satisfying,mature,stable and cared more. The men said they were not ready to start a family and when they met there was no rush to start one and the age just fitted perfectly till they were ready. They also said that their youth, beauty and compatibility was also a prime factor.

    The world doesn't revolves on American way of life or its narrow views, it involves many other cultures and traditions with different views on relationships than American.

    Just sharing my 2 cents because I am from a different culture with a different opinion.

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    Hi Spoiled Rotten,

    No disrespect intended here, Ok. I hate to be controversial with you, but at my age I am in excellent physical shape. I own my own international sports manufacturing company in Los Angeles. I design all my companies new products, and I also test them daily. So I get to exercise while playing all day long.

    I employ a young staff, and my professional athletes are all under 26 y/o. I can and do still run just over a five minute mile myself, just for starters. I know that we are quite a distance apart in age, but I am competitive in that sense. So I see it as a challenge when anyone says they can still out do 25 y/o. lol. Wanna try me or any one of my male or female athletes,

    I surmise they would wind ya in only minutes my friend. Remember these people dust me at any time. I am leading edge competitive in sports, they are bleeding edge competitive in sports, their futures depend on it. I hope I did not offend you, and I apologize if I did, but that statement just had to be challenged!
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    To each his own..good luck with your hunt Michael.
  • View author's info Posted on May 28, 2005 at 08:37 AM

    Thanks for the welcome Bonnie. But I'm not looking for any ladies to chase me. I'm on a quest to find that special and only one. I don't think I will be posting here again. I want something on a more personal level.
  • View author's info Posted on May 27, 2005 at 03:43 PM

    welcome aboard Michael..this is a fun site and you are free to trail all the threads I am on, we have running debates on every issue and there are also little cliques of regulars who keep in touch with each other on and off enjoy it , I m sure very soon you will have a lot of ladies here chasing after
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    Age huh? Well as they always say, it's only a number and who is to say what your age is on the inside. We are all individuals and in that, all have different thoughts and perceptions of what defines age. I must say it is very rare that you find a young person who is responsible. If the truth be know, women are more reponsible than men in general. Men don't really fully mature until their mid to late 20s. There are factors that influence your perception on age. If you have an active and happy life, you will feel younger and that will transfer to the outside and people percieve you as younger. But if your life is filled with stress, worry and heart ache or trouble. Then age will show. Myself, I'm 48 going on 25, lol. I have always dated younger women. That's just my preference. My dad was 10 years younger than my mom and they were married for 48 years until cancer took him away. How am I doing Bonnie? LOL
  • View author's info Posted on May 27, 2005 at 12:00 AM are my type of guy..I have always gone out with younger men and married one eventually..
    I guess I have always lived and behaved my shoesize which is UK34 or US 5..and long may I continue to enjoy being young at heart..I hang out with kids half my age and they are often shocked when they find out my real age..or that Im the same age as their mums..
    I feel letting one be dictated by a number will limit ones' outlook and attitude to life, we become less open to the views of those outside our own age range..I did my MA as a mature student two years ago and was humbled by the intelligence and maturity of kids half my age..and now respect their views and those of my own kids..there is much we could all learn from each other irrespective of or out of bed..
  • View author's info Posted on May 26, 2005 at 08:52 PM

    a_special1_4u write:
    WHOA....this is wild. So we have the age old age thing going on.


    Age is a matter of mind. There are many in their late 20's that are boring and unadventurous. AND many in their 60's that are charismatic and captivating.

    It is a well known and studied theory that men and women are better matched if the man is younger and the woman is older. Women enter their sexual peek in their early 30's and maintain it for years if they have a stimulating partner. Men however reach their sexual peak in their early 20's and often lose it by the time they are 30.

    This does not mean that men are not is the interest has changed. This is why "some" older men are fantastic lovers. They have learned and understand the desire and creativity needed to keep sex interesting to their partners.

    Most men who are in a relationship with a much younger woman (15-20 years) are in need of emotional stroking. They get a pat on the back from their friends or co-workers, the male nod of apporval. Often times it is at a financial off set as they have to "keep" the younger woman because she has not grown and entered a livelyhood of her own. Often this relationship does not last as another better looking or richer man comes along.

    Women who are involved with a younger man are often more closed about the situatuion. They enjoy the time they have in private. Women do not often "keep" a younger man. A younger man helps a woman stay younger both physically and mentally. This relationship has a deeper more meaningful sense.

    O.k. Here we go,lol. j/k I have dated 35-55 since I was 19. I loved it! And still do. I don't particularly care for the sassy attitudes of the younger women. And honey, not ALL men lose their prime when they hit 30. Don't let me get under your skin, I am just putting my 2 cents in.
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    Hiyall!! i have recently taken up swing dancing classes it is soo much fun and a great way to shed pounds without dieting to extremes which isn't a great way to do it.
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 17, 2005 at 09:10 PM

    Kisses, thanks for the encourgement. I'm working towards that size 3 again myself : )

    Younger, older. I've been attracted to and dated both younger and older men. I've also dated very attractive and then sometimes not so attractive men. It all boils down to their personality and how they treat me and others. I can't stand shallow men, who love themselves more than anyone else does. At any age, a down to earth man who is decent and real is best.
  • View author's info Posted on Apr 17, 2005 at 01:25 PM

    Interesting topic.

    There was a time for me that appearance and age mattered a lot. I have dated older women and younger. I have been with gorgeous women and gorgeous impaired. I hope I said that nicely.

    What I have found out is I prefer someone that loves me for who I am. I want someone that I can cuddle with, talk about our days, and enjoy being together.

    I think age is just a guideline so you can find someone in your similar stage of life.
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    Steel...I know what you mean about thyroid problems..for years I had that..I had a entire thyroid removed due to a 3" mass..very small scar now but the surgery was very serious yet successful:) MCV and I can recommend topnotch surgeons if anyone encounters malignancies or any thyroid lumps...I was the opposite..much heavier and now very petite...105 lbs now..its a magic pill for me now but I can understand your message!!....will help anyone in that topic that would like to chat...but steel I am with ya..would luv to chat!!
  • View author's info Posted on Mar 31, 2005 at 08:19 PM

    Hey Missy Steel thank you too for the nice compliment and I try to be nice to everyone its the only way to be I don't like to see others hurt and its very petty to be playing games and name calling I think really its a waste of time and you too are always nice ......after all its a better way of making friends I think.! Have a great day girl!