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    Hello everyone. My family has a history of cancer. My mother, uncle,and grandpa, all past from various forms. About 2 years ago my grandmom was told she had small cell cancer. I had just heard from a friend about this Noni fruit and got it for my granmom. In 4 months the cancer was GONE and has not returned. Because of the burning of radiation, my grandmom would do that, she just drank the juice and the doctors monitored her. I have tried to share this with various celebs who have passed like Lou Rawls, bob denver (gilligain), peter jennings, Christopher reeve's wife. All sent me back statements saying they are getting the best treatment. My grandmom will be 83 this october and is still with us. I have information for anyone who is or know of someone with this illness. The juice is a true gift from God!

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    Noni is a good product but not everyone gets results. and not all noni products are the same. Read some books about acid/alkaline that is the key to optimum health
    raw foods help
    why do you think that there are so many drug stores being built? The numbers show, because of foods that we eat, that the baby boomers are scheduled to get sick.
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    There are lots of stuff that works. As one doctor said "If you want to live, eat live foods." Live foods contains the enzymes which is necessary to repair your body. The vitamins and minerals are the fuel/raw materials that the enzymes uses to facilitate the repairs. Don't remember where I read this but cancer is the breakdown of your immune system. Strengthen the system and it goes away. With all the posions we breath, eat and drink not to mention illnesses, its easy for our bodies to become overwhelm.

    I'm not a doctor or a drug company. When you read this just remember, what are they in business for. To make money! From who? You and I. Its in their interest to keep us sick!