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    One day I'll teach you ...


    A day to teach him the ability to forgive;

    To assume their responsibilities;

    Thinking about others and not just yourself.

    The day in the mind is all the stress of the baby?

    That there are people who have never woken up, regardless of whether a life leads you to get desperately;

    One day I teach you to laugh at your weaknesses.

    A day of teaching that is not all care is healthy;

    That they feel a little more and can finish at a glance;

    Because you do not have one person does not mean that all other people do.

    A day of learning the hugs you give to the one you love;

    Cherish momentary moments that do exactly what you want;

    Do not just look at your navel.



    One day that teaches you the whole, is the short leg;


    That not all truth has to be said;

    What is much more if you think before you speak.

    A day of teaching is not dozens of thanks from everyone, but a whole that you must respect;

    Accept that not everyone likes you;

    Not to become the light guide of your way.

    One day teaching friends who love brothers;

    That there are journeys that do not repeat themselves;

    Opportunities that do not come back.

    A training day that is as easy as the questions;

    That it is okay to change your mind;

    This should not be done by you as a majority.






    One day I teach you that curiosity is a gift;


    This happiness is basically being here and now;

    What is responsible for making you happy is YOU!

    Did day by day teach what you are doing?

    Do not judge by appearances, have no prejudices;

    Who knows everything about everyone.

    A day of teaching you the disillusionment with the most unsuspecting people - and that's part;

    That it is love is a gift and you will be lucky if you can see it around you;

    That all women have two big rounds and are looking for them to be the most reliable.

    What is not worth it is the time of others, exactly what it is, otherwise you will live in permanent dissatisfaction.

    Teaching the only aspects of the year, there are thoughts about the moments;

    That people who look aside can not change the past - accept it.

    Who owns the achievements and their mistakes.

    One day I teach you to value your best characteristics and not draw the attention of others to our shortcomings.

    A day of teaching - what is money is not everything;

    What a true friend is sometimes all you need;

    Life was also short on blaming others for something they could never do (or act) in any other way.

    A day of teaching you to love books;

    Not responding to all that is meant - sometimes it is better to let go and not give importance;

    A good being, not forgetting his origins, his family.

    One day of teaching you do not use power as a weapon;

    Nobody loves You;

    To love what life has of good.








    I teach you to accept all your scars;


    A striking balance;

    Do not mistreat others, always treat them with education and, for those who need it, with compassion.

    A day-to-day dream when you are afraid that people who are feeling bolder are by what they did more than by what they can not do);

    To filter out everything that is negative.

    It does not scare you when you are "alone" in your convictions.

    A day of teaching you to be proud of yourself and yours.

    Which is normal to question.

    All this, just work for it.

    I know that I will only be responsible for reading the lessons. Life will take care of-but still, my love, I never forget that their days are what causes them, problems have a proportion that tell them, that is a positive attitude is the way to walk forward .

    One day I'll teach you how to fly - with a map drawn on the back with the tips of my fingers, so you can always return.

    Mother wishes you the best and richest trips.


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