Would a man travel half way across the world for me? Friendship

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    Hi :)


    Do you think that I have any chance at finding love on this site because I come from Australia? I was wondering ... would a man really come half way around the world to meet me or am I kidding myself?

    Hugs, Lesley

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    Given the right circumstance, people will do that.  But it is not the normal behavior, you would need extraordinary circumstances.


    I might do it if I found a woman that was

    1) was ready to pick up and move her life.

    2) compatible sexually

    3) compatible intellectually

    4) compatible hobbies (i.e. a dancer in my case)

    5) clearly communicated her high interest in me in a reliable and honest manner.


    Note the last time I tried long distance dating, as soon as I indicated I was actually going to come to her city, she stopped communicating with me.  I still resent her dishonesty.  All she had to do was say "hey, slow down a bit".  But she was so concerned with keeping me on the 'hook', that she refused to tell me she wasn't ready to meet physically.



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    You just never know! Anything is possible.......