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    How does it come to be
    Its not only for you and me
    A friend is for all to see
    To whom does it matter
    We need more then chatter
    A friend is not just for flatter
    Its appropriate intimacy
    An association of recognizability
    Familiarity with more curiosity
    A friend knows our interest
    They have us to trust
    Its not an involvement of ones self- interest
    But a desire to have what's best for all the rest
    A friend is kind to all not just a few
    Especially not just you
    There has to be more to pursue
    And its always something to renew
    Wouldn't all agree its not to make us blue
    Shouldnt it be for all thats true
    A friend has sincerity
    They do not expect seniority
    Thats the best policy
    And there's always honesty
    A friend is what one can or cannot be
    Its more than just a name don't you see
    Have you known it to have a fee
    They are not simply for our own needs
    A friend is not always someone we can see
    If they forsake one they forsake me
    For all a help meet they must be
    And its best if one is meek

    rchoidal 2/6/06 Thank you my friends that I have and have not met.
    (the photo I took of my friends I met in Montserrat while I was on a humanitarian mission you might say a friend in need is more then a friend with weed)

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    S___when you kiss them, you feel like your home..

    O___when you miss them you feel alone...

    U___ when you can be yourself.....

    L___ will always be there for you..

    M___will always hold your hand..

    A____ know what your feeling...

    T_____know when and where to touch you..

    E____knows your heart...

    A friend is your Soul-mate... My 2 cents worth,, hey like your post, your such a good writer.. I enjoyed it.. see ya around the boards.. littlered