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    At a summertime Ozzfest show I was highly looking forward to, I came across the booths that were SHOCKING.
    Perhaps, it's more targeted towards the male genre.Of course, I have a friend who plays in one of the bands that were headlining.Hustler, was one of them.I've been attended events and concerts since 13, this festival of rock was appalling. Another booth I was confused about what the obvious"Vagina".
    Not joking,"pimping it all the way"!!!
    Didn't want to ponder what it was all about.Isn't mortal man better than that?
    Not judging, just wondering what their strategy was.If they had male reviews the men would be furious. Gee, they turned a fun rock show into total chaos.Not a family event or something to take your kids to.No pun intended to the bands that played. It's disgusting, and makes you realize why the music industry is going down.Gee, woman is not a piece of meat.In other words, it's turning into Amsterdam.Royally crazy..:( Is it me, should I make it a point to go out every day and not bother worrying the Christan community.Clearly, it's not modeling.Would anybody like to share their views or music history advice ?
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    I agree. I live in NJ and tried to get a grasp. I certainly do not judge people and consider myself open minded, but I am not sure the purpose of the posting...are you just venting? Would like us to comment? I would love to, just not sure where the topic is going