Never Slam The Door When Walking Away In a Relationship Friendship

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    Develop the mentality that every relationship you create is an investment that may pay you now or in due time. When you run out of relationships with guns and machettes you are insane. It's like building a beautiful glass home and throwing rocks at it. Every time you are angry you lose something somehow. Every time you smile or feel happy you gain something somehow all the time. May be the situation that made you mad against the other person is just time circumstances. If you manage it well and both of you path ways unhurt. You may one day need each other somewhere somehow. So long as you are alive never say never.

    This is the illogical way most of us think. We forget that we are energy that keeps transforming itself forever. As I am typing it is energy in another form, I need to send a message so I generate energy that transmits a message. Now, when you create relationships you are generating a form of energy that gives you the desires you want to fulfill. You used time and energy to create that relationship so you must not waste it because the universe does not condone waste.

    If you spent time to generate energy that expresses love to you, when the energy is no longer providing the type of energy it was intended for do not slam the door at it. Create an environment where there could be peaceful separation even if the energy is difficult to manage. Try to stay out of blame.

    When tense situations change people change too. Always have in mind that if the energy you are trying to generate cannot serve the purpose for which you intended it to serve at the moment Iit could be saved for use for something else some other time. Never destroy relationships altogether no matter what, because it's your investment to protect. You do not need it now does not mean it will never be useful. Time lost cannot be recovered. Remember you spent some time building the relationship, you have not finished exploiting it. there is just a temporary dynamic shift. Safe it for profit somewhere somehow down the line. Christ puts it in a smarter way. "Hurry to make peace with your enemy." Your enemy will sap your energy, waste your time generate more negative energy. Making peace with he or she and moving on serves you a lot and makes you a smart all round winner. Who knows tomorrow Mama?

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    It really depends on the situation. I rather slam a door that put my hands on someone.

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    "From relationship to friendship"...easy come, easy go! 
    "No woman, no cry"-Bob Marley
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    I love your spiritual thinking.  I wish I saw more of this.  I hope to meet someone that is spiritually minded like this so I can have an intelligent conversation with him about energy without him thinking I'm crazy.  And I don't want to have to "teach" someone.  Been there.  Done that.  I've had one too many students.  I would like another evolved soul in my life that can offer as much as I do or more.  It's been too off-balanced for far too long.
    I believe in reincarnation.  I give Astrology readings to friends and family.  My new love would need to embrace me and my those things I love...not participate in them necessarily; but kindly indulge me.


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