How do you tell if you have real friends? Friendship

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    Here are the ways I have discovered to tell if you are a real friend.


    1) They ask for a kidney and you say yes.


    2)  They call you up after midnight in a panic and ask for help "no questions asked" and you say yes.


    3)  They have a medical emergency that involves feces, pee, and nudity, and you help desipte having zero sexual attraction to them..


    Anyone else know of another true test for friendship?  Those are the only 3 I have heard of.

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    Well that leaves me in the cold then Tarkin1 1,2,3, they would become the Flash!


    As for the axe and shovel LOL they would arrange to meet me with the Local police hiding in the bushes  IrishechkaS



  • View author's info Posted on Mar 12, 2016 at 02:36 AM

    A long ( and I mean looooooong) time ago my friend and I have discussed this. And we have come to this: when you call your friend and ask to meet you in the woods... at 3 a.m. ... with an axe... and possibly a showel... no questions asked. And they come. This is when you know. :) 

    Ever since when we need each other and we meet at some urgency we say "here I am with my axe". 

    A private joke, of course. But the point is you know the true friend when you need him and he's there. No unnecessary questiunnecessaryAnd no metter how idiotic your request sounds. The true friend is always there.