How different is Russian and American mentalities? Friendship

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    Are they like two very strong people who was brought up completely differently and have clash of personalities?
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    Love your name on this site. Really, there is a differenc between American and Russians, our culture for one. The person who is born and grew up in Russia very much understands their history, holds it, remembers it, and has much good pride to be Russian. Living in Russia, Latvia, Ukraina, etc was not so easy for many, many years. Together, the people kept the heritage and gut to love alive.
    As for America, it's a great country, but the people here take way too much advantage of what they have and don't remember in their hearts how America was made. I'm an Americam and am gulity of this too, BUT, I have been very lucky to visi, live and be a part of Eastern Europe and know first hand our culturer difference. There is however, the commonality of the matter where you are from, the heart, the goodness, the will, always brings different nations together GREATLY.
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    Not really.... But there are some difference of course...And , as for me, this difference spices relationships very much... I dont talk about falling in love... To be a good friends is great... I guess that Russians and Americans have something to discuss and laught about...

    But, as in many other cases, it depends to what circles and what ages two people belong...I had great time, laughing to tears, with my friends hcatting in online... The memories of it put a big smile on my face... And I hope they feel the same...LOL