Does race matter on this site?\\ Friendship

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    The love you put in me is what you get out of me.
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    Very well said. Clever!

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    The spirit that resides in all human beings is genderless and colourless!! Muah xxx
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    That is true, race matters only when we discuss preference. However, I must add that the media and society has attempted to define what a beautiful woman looks like or at least should look like.
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    Orlando nailed it... it's not a racial issue, it's an attraction issue.

    As a fair skinned, light haired person, I can say that most of my life I have been attracted to dark skin, dark hair and brown eyes.  I'd walk past 10 blondes to find a brunette... but a few blondes have snuck past.

    A beautiful woman, no matter her race, color, religon is a beautiful woman.  You could paint Hallie Berry purple with pink polka dots and she's still be a 10!
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    To me NO.  I would add that this isn't necessarily a topic that some feel comfortable talking about.  I do understand, however, in my mind when can not deny that it exist as an issue.  In my opinion when we do this we merely give rise for it to surface in some other way that is even less desirable.
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    Short answer is "no."  It doesn't matter.  People do have prefereces for specific ethnicities, however.  That isn't a racial issue as it is an attraction or preference issue.
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    it doesn't matter. of course!
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    I truly hope not!
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    Race doesn't matter at all to me. ;)
    And interestingly enough, the most beautiful people seem to be "mixed" races...ironic isn't it?
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    My humble "Thought of the Day" on the subject:
    In all honesty, I seriously ask myself the question why does this question even have to be asked?
    Isn't it sad? We live in the 20th century, mankind has discovered soo many things and we are still stuck on something as pathetic as racism? Thats just so childish and 'underdeveloped'... I am always amazed why people make such an issue about it. I was fortunate to grow up very liberal and to respect people and appreciate everyone - no matter what race, culture, ability or disability etc, and there are nice people, a-holes, and the full monty in every culture and color... 
    It always puzzles me why some people think just because someone has a different skin color, nationality, religion, money, intellect or status they feel they may be superior to others and some feel inferior. Of course we are all different but that's called life... that's what makes it interesting and complicated at the same time!
    I know its idealistic but let's get real, we all live on one planet, we all have the same responsibilities, we were all conceived in the same way and we will all pop our socks one day....  Its the person that counts, one may not be physically or mentally attracted to certain races, cultures or whatever, that's ok but I believe it is more cultural differences, non-education and not-understanding the other person, which is the real issue here.
    Let's be honest, we are all 'racist' to a certain extent at the end of the day..
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    to me, NO !
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    Well, the truth is, on this site, RACE does matter to some of the men. But thats ok, because everyone has a preference. You do realize how African American females are depicted in the media and how some of us present ourselves in public, not good at times.
    But the good news is that all men do not believe the "stereotype". The other issue is that
    most men on this site, need to maintain an image that the media and their peers has standardized and that is wealthy with a young 20 or 30 year old on his arm; and they don't care if everything on her is "Fake" just as long as to the public and his ego, she is perfect. So, yes, race does matter to some, but again its ok.
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    Some people ideas of love is familarity ,looks,backgroung. That is intance attraction. So yes race matters. True love have no race when dealing with matters of the heart. As a beautiful black woman ,I hear offten ,you don't act or behave black. you are my first,when i see you now I don't see colour. I often say !thank you for choosing love!