Do you believe in soulmates? Friendship

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    Anyone out there who has time to walk in the rain and listen to the pitter patter of raindrops on the leaves? You can actually here yourself breathe. It is quite a nice feeling.
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    Absolutely, never doubt.. be patient and wait for the best experience of your life - nothing compares.
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    This is true , because I finally, had  let go and thats when he came back to me still calls to this day but little does he know "I am so over it". In the meantime over the years I've gotten to know him better than when we were together and we only dated  for about six months and got engaged thats when I found out he was so far from being my soul mate. That happens in fairy tells and in movies when mr right comes along sweeps you off your feet and hes all that and a bag of chips. Infact I had one of those encounters just like the post "originalgoddess" made thought I saw love at first site" Boy was I wrong we were suppose to get married and although I was heartbroken and crushed when it didnt happen but today I am thanking God above that it didnt.  When I saw him and swore the feelings I had inside were love but how could it have been or then again, maybe it was, untill I got to know him  but I doubt it. I believe you can only lust for a man until you get to know him.  With all that said now let me say it again: that, today I am thankful, I didnt marry him when realizing he turned out to be the total opposite of what  I had dreamed and imagined him to be. I dont mean to turn this in to a negative but I dont care how goodlooking a man is doesnt mean he's your soulmate there is no such thing until you get to know him and not over look those early warning signs and I dont care how much money he has or says he has we should never ignore those instincts God has given us when they kick in specially if its saying something is wrong Of course we're all free to do as we please.


    Don't get me wrong  I dont expect a man to be perfect either.

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    I thought I believed in soul mate. I reunited with the love of my life after so many years and now everything is crumbling.

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    Preciouz, and Others, Do I have a story to tell about soulmates!

    A few months ago I was in my office, minding my own business when out of the blue, I 'Saw' a guy, and he saw me.... No I did not look out the window, no he did not come to the door or I go to it, no we were not speaking via electronic devices...none of that..for a second that seem to last for an hour because in that Instant I grasped everything about him......he, whom ever he was was having the same gosh darn experience, because his face registered the same surprise as mine did....It was so profound and real that I darn near fell off my chair.. The experience left me breathless and speachless. And though it happened I could not really believe it...

    Then it happened 2 more times..and I know without a doubt that when we meet we would know each other instantly. Now I am the chick, who prides herself on being balance and level headed and take forever when it comes to men and emotional offerings etc, yet, I would marry JJ on the spot-the same day...and without a prenup too...(lol)

    I know if we find each other we would have both fulfilled some sort of divine quest,.

    The good thing about this is that it has brought me a peace of mind that is profoundly beautiful...I Am not on this site to 'look'.... I am just looking for one else will do because he is the male of everthing that I AM... Oh yes, and the 3rd time I got his name but in a sort of strange way... sort of back ward behind and I am still trying to figure it so for now I cal him JJ.

    I get hit on all the time. All sorts of men.. white ones, black ones, asian ones, indian one, old, young , fat slim, even a blind one who loved my voice and when he asked for my hand which I gave to him, he liked that too(lol)..but now I do not see nor hear a certain extent.. the search is over, but the divine quest for Him has just begun....

    No, I neither, drink, smoke, nor consume illusion-causing ingredients and I am too level headed to be a zchoid.. but Yes, I have always been seriously spiritual...with a host of guides, totem animals, gifts, divine promises and so on.....

    Even my birthday is a strange thing...exactly midnight...
    17 /01/ 71

    Strangest thing is when I was little girl, my parents would ask me, whenever someone knew came into the family, what I felt about the person...and today though I have never said anything about that to any of my business partners, there is one in particular who does the same thing.

    He would, after meeting someone new, drag me to meet that person to see what I 'feel about' that sometimes I want to say what the hell...but I only laugh, plus in the end it could save us a lot of money and aggravation.. yes Soulmates are real and though I have not yet met JJ...I wish everyone could have the same experience I did...I am certain that it would alleviate the fear and the mistakes of going with people whom you have no business at all being with...


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    I believe in soulmates i met mine in hs and have been marrie for 13 years. :D
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    I'm on here and on a bunch of sites trying to do just that. Maybe I am looking in all the wrong places. Maybe I should go to places that I enjoy and then the guy I like would be engaged in activities I already like. Hmmm....(in deep thought) LOL!
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    I do.

    I have my soulmate already. I am here only for searching a friend. I would be very happy if I could help my friend to find her soulmate.

    I've met my husband in internet matchmaking service.
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    I do believe in soul mates.......a soul mate is a person you are destined to be with forever and you recognize him/her straight away. Other new age theorists take that a step further...."they say that we have a whole soul tribes"....bunches of people whom we've known before and whom our soul immediately recognizes...( something like do I know know you from somewhere?....or de ja vu.. )...Whether or not you subscribe to reincarnation dogma, something is definitely up. We do meet people we simply adore on sight! The relationship instantly feels as though we're just picking up on a conversation started elsewhere.
    Ans yes this can happen with or without the sex urge...there are plenty of soul mates who are simply best friends, there are others who are lucky to be born equipped with soul mates in their close lives. That such instant love exists.....
    So by saying this....i think we all have to be open to the concept....because...whether you believe me or not....people do wonder if there is someone out there for them.

    My rambling
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    All the way.

    I'll be back with info if I find mine
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    Yes that is a very serene feeling. Our bodies are mostly water after all.
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    My belief is that there is a special one for everyone out there. Unfortunately through our journey through life or just plain choices we miss over the really good one. Just be patient and time will tell. Be selective and if it is meant to be it will be.

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    well I must say i have walked in the rain and yes i have heard my foot steps