Difficult to find the right person here, I think Friendship Forward to friends

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     I viewed many men's profile and find out they all want hot or good looking girls. That is normal and reasonable. As for me, with common face, it is impossible to find one. I will just look and just make friends. I can not easily like someone and need take long time to know his personality, characteristics, habits, and so on. 


    I am very hot when I got fever. Now I am cool.

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    Honestly, I am not attractive in most of men's eyes. I also don't care how the man looks. I care about the personality but need time to know. So online date is difficult for me to know and trust someone.

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    You can attract a man with personality also.  It’s harder.  I’m a very attractive man but I’ve dated two women that wasn’t consider traditionaly attractive.  I was attracted to their personality and the way they made me feel.  I also felt like their love for me was deeper.

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    Well I can only speak for me here. I'm actually serious about being a long term relationship. I never claimed that I'm a millionaire. If you have seen my blog posts and my profile, I never claimed that. I value self-sufficiency in a woman. and that has been hard to find on here and I've been a member a little over a week now. For me, it's because I'm tired of conceding. I do not think my expectations are unrealistic. I do not harbor on looks, they are going to go away whether people want to admit it or not. I would rather be with a average looking woman who has a great personality than a good looking woman who is completely shallow and superficial about whether or not I want to look like I'm 25 again. To ask that the woman I'm going to be in a long term relationship with is educated, smarter than I am, is more financially successful than I am and does not emasculate me for it, because I have a career, and I'm not going to quit it, is not superficial and doesn't care if I am not 6 feet tall, not being white with blond hair and blue eyes (just telling it like it is) with 6 pack abs, that I'm very healthy even though I don't go to the gym 6 days a week trying to look like I'm 20, and can be uncompromisingly honest about who they are and what they want like I can, and can actually have a completed profile with a picture instead of just putting "please ask me" because I'm not asking obvious questions that should be in your profile. I'm not looking for eye candy, I actually read profiles because it would give me something to elaborate on when and if I decide to send a message. I get all these women who look at my profile and don't bother to write a thing? I'm sorry but I'm just not attracted to shy women. I was told that the New Yorker in me. It's 2018. There is absolutely nothing with a woman walking up, sending a message etc. to a guy and just say "I find you interesting. Let's talk" I'm not fake. I'm very real, I'm just not settling. If that makes me wrong or oblivious to the narrative, then I'm not apologizing for what my morals, and character are

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