Can Men and Women be Platonic Friends? Friendship

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    I try to befriend my own sex (females) all the time. I'm relatively new in town but it seems that finding a female friend when you're new to an area is almost impossible. Women in general, are more likely to run in the other direction if you start up a friendly conversation. (I feel for you single guys!) So I find myself at odds because I would like some friends to do a variety of things with, yet I'm striking out with female friends. Don't get me wrong, I have a ton of friends all over the globe (but none that live close by, hence the reason I'm on here).... So I ask the question, Can Men and Women be Platonic Friends? I think so, do you?
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    Of course males & females can be platonic friends, both parties just have to set boundaries. When I am interested in someone just as a friend, it NEVER changes to anything romantic.

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    Yes, my best friend is a male. We chat at least every weekend.

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    Yes, but I make sure the line is clearly drawn...don't want to lead anyway on

    My best friend is a man and I can talk to him and be honest whereas with some of the women I have come across I experienced 'talking behind my back' etc...and wasn't too happy.


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    Most of my friends are men and are strictly platonic. Sure, there were a few of them that had an interest in me not just for s*x, but for a relationship. We were able to come to an agreement that it would never work out as more than friends and these men are some of my best friends. I am probably closer to my male friends than I ever have been to any female friends I've had. I think I find it easier for me to be friends with men because I seem to have more in common with men than I do with females.
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    I am new (newer) to my city as well. I too find it hard to make friends of my own gender (Female). It's hard to make friends period! but expecially trying to find gal pals.

    I left a great social circle behind when I relocated. They miss me bunches and I miss them too and YES...MANY are men...totally platonic...some I have been freinds with for over 30 yrs.

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    i wish i had a friend just to talk to.
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    Well every time I think a guy and I are good friends, they always take a stab at trying to find a way to sleep with me. Doesn't matter if we've been friends for a month or several years. Doesn't matter if he is married, single, always ends up that men just want sex period.......even if it's with a good friend and may jeapordize the seems to be a chance the guy is willing to take......go figure????
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    I totally believe that men and women can be just friends...I have been platonic with a number of men for quite a few years and consider them some of my best friends...
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    I have been friends with many guys for many years now and in all but one case it was just a platonic friendship. So, yes, men and women can be platonic friends as long as they make everything very clear from the very begining. Otherwise the other one could get the wrong idea and before you know starts hitting on you - and if you like that...well... it's no longer 'just friends'..

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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 05, 2009 at 10:29 PM

    I think they can. A good friendship is just like finding that diamond in the ruff. Right now it is hard for me to make just school friends, it seems they are too busy to take the time and just talk. I know a part of what you are going through, but since I have never traveled the world then you must surely know more than I do about trying to make friends. It's a challenge for sure.