Raised here and away and came back HOME France

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    In answer to the question, I am in Florida and, personally, I love it here. This was where I was born and partly raised. I've been back and forth between Tampa and Southern California since a small child. The times I spent in Florida as a youth was always spent missing California. What time that was spent in California was surely missing Florida. I always felt as though I didn't quite belong in either though. I was a little too Southern for the west coast and too cosmopolitan for Tampa... But now as an adult, Tampa has grown on me and I can't imagine being anywhere else! It feels like home.
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    I came to Florida on a vacation.. and after my 2 weeks.. I looked around an thought.. I like it... and so I quit my then employer and created a whole new life.. a new future... sure it's had it's ups an downs, adjustments have been made.. life is a compromise... but over all... if I want to visit some place else I go.. but I return here...