"Until Wealth Do Us Part?" Family / Marriage

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    Just wondering if any of you lost interest in your spouse and/or children after becoming successful/wealthy? Did money change your priorities in life? For example: If you had the opportunity and money to go on an African Safari and you knew in advance that the trip conflicted with several of your children's important school and extra-curricular activites, you would now choose the adventure over the family obligation.

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    If it space you need, where you alone can enjoy the experience then some type of compromisation has to be at the forefront of your decision making, everybody at times requires that time alone status in their relationship, where they feel it is now strong enough to survive with respect to trusting one another and have created that bonding with your loveones, should you take the journey, but equally while contemplating that journey for yourself bare in mind the needs of your partner and children and if money is not an issue then provide and make their lives just as exciting as the venture you well be on as a reward for thier possible understanding.. If on the other hand you just want a break away from it all, then communication is the best way to address it and hopefully reach an arrangement that keeps you all happy and contented Journey20192000


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    I just have to say money can't buy happiness nor love.  And when it comes to children and family functions, those are memories that come once in a lifetime.  That's what life is really about, not by how much money you have.  

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    You never get a second chance at your child's one time event!!  Last I heard Africa wasn't going anywhere and I imagine it will always be


    Well grounded people never lose what's important to them. Superficial people rarely find what's important to them.  I'm usually not that deep....kinda just impressed myself!

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    Given the choices I did make to take care of my family, I can't imagine not putting them first. 

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    Thank you for your insightful comment. I do agree with your thoughts.

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    Hi Journey 20192000,  wow what a dilemma,  but for me my family comes first, even if my mate wanted to go and I had to stay for my children,  I would put mate and children first.  That has always been a winner for me. But every situation is different sometimes an individual can put others first,  and do it for a long period of time,  and the individuals take advantage of your kindness and goodness and that individual may just show those whom they have been good and loyal to a different side, but only because they have not been appreciate and been taken advantage of.  That just one way to look at it but trust,  their are many reasons why individuals do disappearing acts. 




    Just my 2 cents, yours truly Mr. Born1top