Time to kick it UP! Family / Marriage

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    Let's hear it for families! The men and woman out there who work so hard to be good fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters, etc. We are all so different, but yet have the same needs: Love, warmth, companionship, sex. ( I know that although we are all different, we aall have the same needs. I can say this as an identical twin.
    Please during this holiday season remember to honor and cherish you loved ones. Say a prayer for them.
    This will be my second year without my husband who died. I have two children and think the world of them. Just a reminder for all of you who have so much to give to others, to do the same.
    The Holidays are very, very difficult for many. Who can hear me? Is there anybody else out there you is going through the same.....

    God bless us all this Christmas,
    MBA Mom to sons Christopher & Elliott
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  • View author's info Posted on Feb 11, 2008 at 09:11 AM

    I know it is hard to be single during the holidays.But thank GOD for family. I see you have a great heart and I will pray you find a healing mate.Good luck in your search pretty lady because I feel what you are saying:)