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    My family got separated when i was just a kid.

    Never realized how important it is, until now, when i face lonelyness, a really tough burden.

    Please stick by your family. Poverty is an eye opener..

    For better or for worse is wrong. For better And for worse is the sollution. How do we apply it?

    My family split up when i was a kid. Now, here's the end result...
    i'm a total loser, with no past, or future.
    worst part? not even a single friend around me. i have many acquaintances, but no true friends around which i could relax.

    Please unite with your family, and be happy together.
    Family members get separated when there are unspoken truths between them. Families unite, when there's perfect sincerity between them.
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    Family is great! :-)

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    First of all, I'm very happy for you that you found your faith in God. By the way, always capitilize Him..God. Did you change your profile yet and include your newly found faith?


    The reincarnation thing is something my religion doesn't preach. I am not going to say it is or isn't true because it only matters what life I live now. I pray my soul will be with God and not go to Hell.

    In Christian faith, we are taught to love everyone.  It may be hard sometimes but love is got to be it,..hate the sin, love the sinner. Thankyou for your reply post and kind words. I may post more later when i have the time. Glad you experienced a miracle, hope you always remember it :)


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    Jennyyy wrote: One last thing;  I know you don't understand this because you are an athiest but you are never alone. 

    Me: This is where you are so wrong. I've finally discovered the miracle that is faith, and family.

    Churches are now my playgrownd. People in churches are families. And they work, as a community, not as one lost soul.

    God is real, and i know who he is, and why the world is as it is. I can tell you exactly how the world works.

    Better than most people.



    Sangria please? Sang... sing. Sang rial. Royal blood.

    What are the origins of this word?


    Negativity: everyone has it. The secret is to allow yourself to feel anything your mind requires. Basically, let go.



    May god rest his or her soul.

    But think of death like this: God is the combination of ALL human, animal, and vegetation thoughts, and feelings. I can proove to you, verbally that reincarnation is real. My logic is flawless regarding reincarnation. I actually know what happens after death.

    So don't be sad. God will reincarnate your beloved ones in a new human, animal, or plant, according to his or her life. If they were good people, god will reward them. If they had many sins, than they will probably reincarnate in the bad side of the world.



    Families: My cowSin has abandoned me when i was a kid. So yeah, i know families are double edged swords. But still, family members are the only ones i can completely trust. No matter what my family did wrong for me, i still love them. They are my royal blood line. My sang real.(Sangraal).

    So are yours.







    Oh God. We are alike. My mother and father stayed together till my father passed away, for my sake, even if they were not happy.

    mom and dad were not soulmates, but they sticked together till the very end.

    If that isn't raomantic, than NOTHING IS. My parents sticked together 26 years, for my sake.

    Dad did hit me, a couple of times as a kid. I forgive him completely. And love him after his death, and reincarnation.


    If you don't wish to be that martyr, than please, seek your SOULMATE.


    Recently i've rediscovered my soulmates. And i;'m fu**ing INSPIRED.

    Soulmates inspire people to REACH THE STARS.

    If you choose random sex over soulmate love, your life is doomed. Like mine was. Now my romantic side has BOOSTED towards the heaven. I feel just as romantic as Casanova.

    Wish God could reunite myself with my soulmates.

    And wish the same for you. Find the people that inspire you.

    And stick by them for better AND for worse.




    I am not an atheist any more. I've discovered what God is. Believe me or not, i've simply asked for a dove, and he came to my window. Even made a nest. Never in my life have i ever seen a dove in my neighborhood, before.



    Yes. The friends you choose are your families.But your family blood is royal. It transcends your genes. Your family members are the ones who will understand you without words. Always.

    Families and friends should work together as a mechanism, as one.

    Unite them.


    I can explain to you how to distinguish strangers from friends. Everything, just as Jesus teaches,  starts from one bread.

    Love is free. If it costs, than it isn't true love. Feelings are free.

    Enough with the robotical consuming. We are consumers, and it's never enough when we have no love in our hearts.



    My neighborhood is filthy. I was never able to look on the grownd, now i'm finding feathers everywhere.

    Love, a little faith in god(DOG = god), and soulmates can change around anyone's life around.



    I love you. For your soul. Everyone has one.

    I've opened up my previously closed soul/heart. And now, mircles start to happen.

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    I read part of your profile. In it you state, "Most of my life's questions have been answered. This has allowed me to let go of any negativity(emotional baggage). I've accepted everything, and I feel better than ever! " End of quote.

    Your original post here appears to contradict what you typed about negativity. We all are capable of changing our minds so maybe you choose to be extremely negative one day and fine with it all the next day.  You may want to represent yourself as not so black & white. I think that "negativity" has become some ridiculous term and frankly, it kinda pisses me off. lol. I will be "negative" if i want!! I will not ever become one of those blase' people who practice yoga and align their chakras. I hate that. Sangria please!! (My way of saying, moving on!)

     I think "families" are a double-edged sword, they can build you up or come close to destroying you. After a devastating death of a loved one (and during her suffering), I saw the worst of my "family" and decided to wash my hands of them (for the most part) and walk away. It has been seventeen years and I have held tight to my initial instinct to walk away.

    Life is not greener on the other side. I knew my dad, I wish I never knew him. My mother would have been so much better off without him  She sacrificed her own happiness for her family. I did the same thing and after 20 years of a miserable marriage I decided I can't be the martyr my mother was any longer.

    As for you,.. you do have a future, we all do! Our futures last for all eternity. Atheists when realize this upon the death of their bodies. I do respect your lack of faith but as a Christian, I have to include what I know.

    My friends are the family I choose. You also can  make your own family. Search for the friends you want. I have to search too. Most of my friends are more like acquaintances also. They have no clue how to really be friends, I have chosen to teach a few by example. They are empty people, many are lacking in compassion, integrity, faith, to name just a few traits. I pray that I can find some local friends that encompass some good traits and we can share some of our views,etc. 

    One last thing;  I know you don't understand this because you are an athiest but you are never alone.