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    What time on Wensday and Friday??

    Hey sis, you said something about you and your boyfriend going in on a house with me right?

    If so where would you like to live at?

    I might have to ride a bicycle to Leroy.

    BTW sis would you trust me enough to have your last name so when I get to the school I can tell them who I am there to see. Just incase I don't make it by the time you want me there.

    Anyways sis, I am just getting to know Lisa, I have no idea if I like her more then a friend of not because I bearly know her.
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    HEY SIS,

    Give me a call sometime ok... I want to know that your adopted parents are ok with you seeing me and if they would like to get to know me more. Please let me know...

    Love your big bro,

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    I am very happy that you are coming 2morrow but if you let me down then..well I don't want to talk to you again because that means that it's the 3rd time that you let me down and honestly that would make me sick of it...but yeah me and my boyfriend are doing okay..he apologized to me this morning but I didn't say anything to him because he had just got done saying that he didn't even like the gurl he cheated on me with...he just was really drunk and it was a mistake...I love him very much but I am getting sick of the bull shit that he pulls. lol but yeah...don't let me down...I don't know what the car looks like so just wait outside until I get there...we'll leave the school around 12:00 if I sign myself out..but you gots to gets me back by 3:00 okay.. and Jeremiaha are still getting married...we are just having some issues...he won't even kiss me..maybe you can talk to him 2morrow for me...?? but i gots to goes.....see ya 2morrow...lylab..luv ur lil sister manda..tell mom I said hi! buhbye til 2morrow!!
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    Hey sis be watching for a Blue Lumina around 11:25am tomorrow... Mom and I are going to be coming up... She said she was going to bring me up tomorrow... Don't worry I'm prepared for all the greetings I have to do...

    Hope you can check out of school for the rest of the day because I would like to hang out with you more then just a lunch hour...

    See you tomorrow...

    Love your big bro,


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    Sis mom is having me get map quest drections to the school. She said that she might be able to take me up there on Friday, but she isn't sure yet... I will let you know by Thrusday for sure if she is going to bring me up there or not.

    Anyways, I don't know what advice I can give you reguarding you and your boyfriend. All I can say is that it does sound like he wants to be with other girls, but it sounds like he doesn't want to lose you in the process. I can tell you love him, and that he does care about you. If he asn't said sorry for what he did to you yet, maybe you should stand up and say "I think we need to take a break for a little while, maybe date other people or something." It might help your relationship in the future, and it might not. Thats a risk you have to be sure you want to take. I don't want to see you get hurt. I'm sorry to hear that you are no longer going to be getting married. Anyways, if you deside to break up with him, in the future you might get back together and because you took a break from one another it might help the relationship. Thats all the advice I can give sis.

    Well I will let you know but thursday if mom is going to bring me up there on Friday or not.


    Lord Fuller
    ((AKA Anthony))

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    Hey..I don't know if I can leave school early but I CAN sign myself out so just let me know what is going also will have to get me back to the school before 3:00 so that my mom don't see me getting out of a car when she is driving bus. I want to see mom really bad..I have a lot to say to her and she has a lot of explaining to yeah...well last I knew, you were still with Amanda but Lisa said that you told her that you weren't with her anymore..what's going on?? preety much sucked because me and Jeremiaha are having some problems and might even break up..he said that he needs his alone time and I don't know what that means but he definetely cheated on me and now that gurl is living with him until she can get a ride to Florida..he still is all over me, but I try not to let him kiss me..Anthony..I love this guy so much and I know that he loves me, too, but I hate being betrayed..he told me the truth and he was the one that told me that he cheated on me, but what am I suppose to do...just let him walk all over me and forgive him before he even apologizes..he hasn't apologized yet..but he acts as if he is sorry and he cried after 3rd hour when I told him that he needs to tell me what he wants between us and he just kept saying that he wants his alone time.. I think that he wants to be with me but he wants to be able to be with other gurls, too. He told me that he has realized that he is too young to be engaged because he is only 17 years're a guy..what do you think that he means or wants??..Yeah..I am giving you one last time to prove to me that I can trust you...and our last day of school is June yeah...tell mom and dad that I said HEY!! But gots to goes...lylab love your little sister Manda

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    yes Mom and Dad both know I'm talking to you... They are happy to hear that you and I finally have contact again... I love you sis... I'm sorry I have made it look like you can't trust me so far, but I will make it up to you somehow... I will talk to mom about maybe going up sometime after monday... I'm not sure when her next day off is... Sis do you want to see mom?? If not she already said that she would go visit Uncle Kevin while you and I hang out... Also can we hang out for more then just your lunch hour we have a lot to catch up on... Love ya sis... Miss ya and hope to see you soon... i will let you know when mom's next day off is so we can made see one another then... Oh also we get to find out sometime in June if the baby is boy or girl... And yes sis I am still with Amanda...

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    hey...well we don't have school on if you can come on Tuesday..that would be great and what did that wink you sent Lisa mean?? well anyways..I am very upset that u didn't show again..I can't trust you and I am not going to believe you anymore when you say that u are coming because you haven't shown up both times that you said you were going to come up and see me..if I told you that you can come to mine and Miaha's wedding...well u can't because he don't trust my real family...I dunno y but he don't like you and I can't invite u if he don't want you there..I'll try to talk to him about it..he prolly will say no still...but it's worth a try...we have gottin' in a lot of fights because I am talking to u and he don't like it....but ne-way...he is very mean sometimes...but he is worth my whatever happened to you and Amanda...are you together again..and whatis going to happen to my little neice or I ever going to see that little booger?? LOL anyways...I hope you follow through because I want to be able to trust you but so far you haven't proved that I can trust yeah...but anyways you gotta answer my ?ion about mom and they know that you are talking to me..I WON'T be mad if they do...but i gots to goes....lylab..buhbye
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    Hey sis... I'm sorry, mom was going to take me but at the last min. told me she couldn't take me to see you until Sunday or Monday... Will you be able to meet me on say Monday??

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    hey....yeah.. I do not want you to go into the office and ask for me because they won't let me out of class for very long. I would like to have you here by 11:20 on Wednesday and Thursday. I never said anything about Jeremiaha living with us but I want to live somewhere where I can continue to go to Pine River. But yeah, if you don't make it by 11:20 to 12:05, then don't worry about it. But I love ya and I got to go..and I understand the whole Lisa thing but i think that you really like her a little bit..she still thinks that you don't. Anyways, I'll write you later...P.S. you never answered the ?ion about mom and they know that you are talking to me or that u found me?...remember..I am not going to be mad if they do..I just want to know.