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    I love this web site and have met some amazing women from it. But, as a single dad I feel like it's twice as hard to find the right person, who will not only be right for me but also for my kids. Any comments/advice is appreciated!

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    All I can say is wish you lived near me! 

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    Hello LovetoExplore,  When I saw your post I looked at your profile and you didn't say too much. Maybe you need to take some time and think about the kind of woman you are wanting to attract then spell it out. Your kids and pets will know if she is a good fit for your family.  She will be attentive to them when they are in the room.  She will ask about them.  When you are out shopping, she will notice the little things that they would like and want you to buy those things.  If everything she focuses on is about her, then she is showing you what is important to her.  And if that is the case..... run don't walk.  :) 

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    Yes. It is hard. As a single mom, my first thought of dating is "will this man be kind to my child?". I think it is better to let the children speak. Kids sometimes have amazing sense of identifying good people. The sense that I think most adults have fogortten as we become so caught up in logical thinking. If your kids really like someone, chances are the person is a genuine and kind-hearted one. They can like someones for no reason, they may just feel like it.  Trust your kids, they will take you to the right person of your life.

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    It is great that you are genuinely concerned about approaching a relationship correctly from both your perspective as well as your kids'. I wish I had better advice than this (that isn't cliche)  but it's the truth. Remain honest about how important this is to you and communicate as much as possible with your potential partner. Sometimes we meet excellent people who just don't share the same parenting style, or someone who may be an excellent parent in our book  but with whom we don't have chemistry. (This may be just an echo to your thoughts.) So, yes, cliche, but true. Communicate. The right person will value your concern.

    Best of luck!