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    I love you ! None of your business

    Even at night is endless yearning

    Only belong to me

    Don’t take the dawn

    Maybe it can only exist and dark


    I love you ! None of your business

    Even if I stand by your side

    Still carrying my eyes

    I don’t want you to see

    Let it hidden the behind


    I love you ! None of your business

    That’s why I don’t remember your smile

    But infinite see

    You upset 

    When I came to bloom


    I love you ! None of your business

    Thoughts do not boil

    So I choose to go to sleep

    Again to see you in my dream


    I love you ! None of your business

    Eager to hide the eye

    So I hide

    Don’t you see I get nervous


    I love you ! None of your business

    Really ah

    It only belongs to my heart

    As long as you can be happy

    My sorrow

    You don’t need the tube


              By Kathinka  Zitz

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    "I say you are this world’s April day, 

    You are the flowers blooming tree after tree,

    The floral crown you wear,

    In your innocent and grave way


    You are the full moon night by night,

    The swallows on the beam chirping a lay,

    You are the love, the warmth, and the hope…

     You are this world’s April day.” 


     I wrote:

     On the sunny spring day,

     You are whispering in my ear :

      “ Oh Please you little Cupid boy, 

      Shoot both you and I … "

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    My fevorite poem:



    Like A Dream


    Last night the wind blow hard and rain was fine,

    Sound sleep did not dispel the aftertaste of wine.

    I asked maid rolling up the screen,

    “The same crab-apple tree,” she says,”is seen...”

    “But don’t you know,

     Oh, don’t you know,

     The red should languish and the green must grow?"


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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 28, 2019 at 08:23 PM

    My favorite drunk poem:🍷


    Like A Dream


    Last night the wind blow hard and rain was fine,

    Sound sleep did not dispel the aftertaste of wine.

    I asked the maid rolling up the screen,

    "The same carp-apple tree,"she says," is seen"...

    "But don't you know,

     Oh, don't you know,

     The red should languish and the green must grow?"


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    Italian poem



    Volteggia la veste nera dei pensieri e bussano le fragili  ninfe  del subconscio,

    e un suono  muto narra l' oscura malinconia dei loro passi, 

    atterrano sulla guancia per raccontarsi 

    e infine sparire.










    Io e te

    Tu scia che 

    il mio respiro segue.

    Aria che 

    spinge il battito mio

    fuori destino 

    portandomi là

    dove ci sei.

    Io che 

    non cerco

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    Feel the emotion of sentiment
    sense of sympathy affection
    impression pathos sensation
    the passion of attraction (and) infatuation
    a bond overwhelming and ravishing
    actions non-violent, love like platonic
    spiritual sex, not carnal knowledge
    poetry enchanting and so romantic
    i hope you comprehend this and understand it
    my dearest precious sweetheart you rule my planet
    you like a aphrodite, and im a Don Juan
    i could be, whatever you like, from Strephon and Corydon
    verse beautifully written like Songs of Psalms
    i see you my spouse
    a car, a house
    i'll get you whatever you want
    Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fishes and Kids
    i'll do the laundry, change the diapers, wash the dishes, mop the kitchen (Put the baby in its crib!)
    cook you dinner, candlelight's, handkerchiefs, steak-n-wine, i love your smile
    sexy eyes, lips, nice hair, thick thighs....fat ass, big tits (you make cars stop before the sign)
    im craving and desperate to make you mines
    to the grave will our memories ever enshrine?
    let me osculate ya, wanna massage?. then we can cuddle, caress and kiss
    excuse me miss, (i never knew a love like this)
    on the Boat of Love let me be the Captain of this.. Relation ----> Ship!
    you carry me away, inflame, girl you take my breath away
    all day i rehearsed the words to tell you, then when you came, didn't know what to say
    but i'll cherish you like treasure
    my beloved darling i promise less pain more pleasure
    lets be together forever, the chances of regretting this is really never
    ill be your admirer in gallantry
    with venery of virility
    cohabitation attachment
    endearing tender yearning, passion n courage
    you by my side, daydreaming of space, when we dancing with the stars
    {Royal Intercourse} a Queen mattress 4 intimacy stroke like a King ur majesty,
    commitment, devoted to, interacted soul mate, its so intriguing with dedication
    your hex charming is just like u Merlin, i got the blister beetle (possessed by your obsession)
    i love your sassy style, salacious, delicious with inspiration
    lecherous Cyprian, the desire and urge, impulses me for stimulation
    simulate to righteousness
    after the climax, orgasm congresses
    poignant narcissism
    serenade your aspirant enthusiasm, follow the rhythms'
    reverential interior
    libido of a paphian andromania
    substantial, actual, supernatural
    this is the reason why im always feeling ya..I Love U(..oNE!)


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    ?My God Save the Queen? Sue

    My husband is jealous
    of ?My God Save the Queen?
    He believes himself
    to be superior
    And he must continually
    Prove this to me
    He puffs himself up,
    In self-importance.

    But he does not understand,
    That nothing can take away
    ?My God Save the Queen?

    He finds pleasure if
    ?My God Saves the Queen?,
    Loses in the cricket or the rugby
    But goes silent in his own loss.

    I say nothing,
    I leave him in his silence,
    To me, my quite victory speaks
    Louder than the explosions of

    For I am confident in
    ?My God Save the Queen?.

    I feel sadness for him,
    He does not have a true sense of belonging.
    If he did, he would not have to chasten me,
    On ?My God Save the Queen?

    If I should see my Queen
    Upon the television,
    He is unkind and is rude,
    He usually leaves the room,
    Mumbling under his breath.

    I am happy then,
    To be left alone with my Queen,
    My heart sings and I smile,
    And I am left to sing

    God Save the Queen
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    The Irish Mist

    By Sue

    Faithfully I wait upon the cliff tops each day,
    Looking out to sea, I stand waiting for his return,
    He has to come and I will wait until my last breath,
    It has been too long since his last visit to me,
    I hide myself from others but not from the Irish Mist
    He knows me, for I am the faithful one,
    I wait patiently for his arrival,
    He calls out to me from where he comes,
    So! That I am ready for his arrival,
    The Irish Mist comes slowly across the sea,
    He travels great distances, to be with me!
    He is glad to see me and we delight in our pleasure,
    The Irish Mist looks into my eyes and sees my soul,
    My eyes are so telling, he knows that I have missed his touch,
    The Mist knows everything; I have no secrets from him.
    For I have spoken truthfully to the Mist.
    He patiently listens to my heart,
    What is more, when he does arrive, he covers my entire body,
    He bathes me in the moisture of his Mist,
    He caresses my body,
    I am intoxicated into a drunken haze.
    Exquisite, in his touch, ecstasy, elation, joyousness,
    Blissful torment.
    He is my lover and I am his beloved.
    The lovemaking begins and I feel complete again,
    I gasp as he astounds me with his gentleness,
    It is as if we were ?one? looking into a mirror,
    Time stands still in these moments we are together,
    But still, there is a sense of urgency,
    This we both feel, for the stronger breeze may come,
    At any time!
    He does not want to leave me ? unless my crystal glass is full,
    We both listen to the sound of the sea,
    Crashing waves too and fro,
    I arch my back and thrust my body,
    I am ready for the final moments with satisfaction.
    Blissful contentment ? completely whole once more.
    I hear the stronger breeze calling to him, he must go now,
    He readies himself to leave and as he goes,
    I call to my Irish Mist ? ?You know where I am?,
    I will be waiting for you on top of the cliffs????.tomorrow!
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    Hi, read your poem. Hope you're feeling better. Am sending you this extract from a narrative by Benjamin Disraeli 1837.
    "He is a mariner, who, in the sea of life,keeps his gaze fixedly on a single star, and, if that do not shine, he lets go the rudder, and glories when his barque descends into the bottomless gulf."

    It's called Adoration.

    Regards xxx
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    It is Springtime in Paris,
    Mother Nature is waking,
    And there are buds and blossoms anew,
    The warmth of the new days too.

    Call out my name and I will hear you
    Reach out your hand and I will touch you
    Come closer, and I will hold you
    Look into my eyes and I will see the reflection of your soul.

    When will this happen?
    I ask myself,
    Soon, very soon.

    It all moves slowly, yet with speed,
    In moments such as these,
    But I wait patiently.

    I want to lose myself in you
    I want to know every part
    Like an explorer, in search of some astonishing part
    Of this Worlds mystery.

    So! Hold me close and lay me down,
    Let our hands explore each inch,
    Moving and rememberbering the last part,
    Moving on in search of the new.

    Warm me!
    Wrap yourself around me,
    Let us become entwined,
    In the sheer ecstacy.

    Give me Life, make me laugh!
    Let us play as children,
    The finding of something new,
    Something we thought we had lost
    It was only hidden ? all this time.
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    Hi there Beauty - sorry for the delay. Have a look at Okot P'Bikets work, is brilliant. I have many African authors amongst my books....will make a list for you.

    Heres another piece - but quite different....

    By Sue

    This country of ours is a violent place,
    But I am your friend
    And I will keep you safe.
    I am your CCTV
    I have cameras place strategically,
    So that you may sleep at night,
    In your bedroom I display the pictures,
    That surrounds your house.

    I am your security system,
    Punch in a number and I will alert you,
    If someone tries to enter,
    I shall make a very big noise.

    I am your panic button,
    Should someone get too close?
    I am silent, but I will alert the control centre,
    And they will be here in a flash.

    I am your security gates,
    Remember to lock them each night,
    So that you may sleep well.
    I am your two-meter high wall,
    Which surrounds your property,
    Deterring those who may want to climb,
    I am your protection from the hostile world out there,
    Tall, imposing and uninviting.

    I am your security lights with sensors.
    Pass me and I will light up very brightly,
    Like all the stars on a clear night.

    I am your electric gates,
    Which insulate you from intruders,
    I cannot be moved ? they would not have the strength,
    People may ring the bell,
    But only you may command me to open.

    I am your big dog, who sleeps by your bed every night,
    I will protect you,
    I am not the like the CCTV, or the cameras,
    Or the security system, or the panic button,
    Neither am I like the electric gates,
    I am just here to protect you,
    I am your friend and only want your love in return,
    I will protect you because I love you,
    And I am your friend.
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    Dedicated to Africa, which I miss very much.

    By Me:-)

    It?s dusk, time for watching
    The camp is close, only human on Mother Earth,
    The outsiders come to see
    Those who drink before resting,
    Or those who drink after eating
    Some go to graze; some go to hunt ? the predators
    Do not intrude, be silent be quite
    Hippos still in the water, zero tolerance,
    Speedy in the water and on the land
    Grumpy, take care

    Look the male baboon, checking for his group
    Looks backwards ? come join me for a drink
    As they run, they play
    Its safe!

    The fish eagle calls, a haunting cry
    Then swoops to the water,
    Fish in talons food for the night
    As he raises up into the air
    Towards his nest

    Crocodiles move their tails back and forth
    Slowly sliding side to side
    Heading for the waters edge, time to leave
    For the night.

    Giraffe arrive, walking slender to the water
    Bends down to do the gymnastic splits
    Head down slurping the water in
    Defying gravity with such grace

    Look kudu; count the twists in his horns,
    One, two, three, magnificent creature,
    A privileged sighting, he is shy,
    Blending in with the bush
    Careful grazer.

    Now the buffalo, lots of them
    They are strong, aggressive, commanding
    Do not mess with them.

    It is getting dark, listen, pounding
    It?s coming closer
    The moon is out, thank you Lord for the light
    Closer, closer the pounding

    Its elephants, many, straight to the water
    Animals moves to give them a clear path
    The herd is large, males, females
    Surrounding their young
    With their huge tusks
    Splish, splash

    Listen, lions roar in the distance
    Stay where you are
    Which way is the wind blowing?
    Good they will not smell us

    To be amongst nature
    The wild, not our home
    Who really rules the bush?
    Not I but Mother Earth.
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    On the wings of an eagle.

    The time flies away on the wings of the eagle soaring above,
    The light fades as the strings of nature's song slowly dims,

    I find myself alone with rain softly hitting the pane of the window,
    echoing the sound of silence in pain.
    I look to the screen, glowing its mellow light cutting through the
    darkness, for your name.

    Who knew the sight of one lone name out of many would turn this stone
    into a puddle of pebbles.
    Who came to explode ones emotions to the ultimate fiery display of warmth

    Life has a way of winding its path through the worst and the best patches
    of ones own mind.
    The sight of that yellow light grabbing me from the depths of depression pulling at me like a line of bright light of life.

    The connection I have found keeps me anchored to the ground.
    For truly I'd be on the wings of the eagle soaring above without a
    care to those who have loved me and still do.
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    this poem was written by a friend. You may read the other ones at B&N, Time Heals All Wounds.

    Lost in Love

    I struck out in the ninth
    The game of love is over
    Thought I could not lose
    With my four leaf clover

    Desire for self-importance
    Now I must pay the cost
    The only one I care about
    Now forever have I lost

    If I could turn back the clock
    Turn weakness into strength
    Her wish would be full-filled
    No matter what the length

    The cards have been dealt
    Now last play of the day
    Didn't let her win the hand
    Have now chased her away

    Why did I use her love for me
    Overplayed it like a pawn
    Too late I realized I love her
    Forever now she is gone
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    We have our hot, steamy pleasure
    I think he can give me an answer,
    But I can't even phrase the question
    in my troubled mind
    He fills up my emptiness if only for a moment
    And we tumble into each other's arms
    Straining to find the perfect fit
    My soul cries out to be cherished
    So I lie against him
    And listen to a heart beat not my own
    listen as it flutters
    We come together, him and I
    Arms and legs intertwined
    I don't even know where his mouth is
    But it feels good
    Slippery, chaotic love in the dark
    Even his sweat is sweet, so I drink of it
    As we strain to find our harmony
    Moonlight shines on us
    From the open window
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 21, 2006 at 11:50 AM

    beautynbrains4u write:
    Great poem Cutie, thank you for sharing it. Glad to see your pic, and your back posting!!

    Yes, great poem and I love the picture of your back too! :o)
  • View author's info Posted on Jun 14, 2006 at 11:59 PM

    When I was a child,
    I stood on the edge of my destiny,
    and wondered what things might come.

    Now at midlife,
    I ponder what dreams were lost,
    which ones were left behind,
    and the hopes of those
    still clung to tightly.

    I ponder at death,
    what tears and laughs
    will have passed my way,
    and what will lie ahead
    in the future as yet unseen.

    BobbyJames 2006
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    Last night you said I was beautiful.
    And I believed you.

    You traced my body as if you were trying
    To imprint it in your memory.
    Silently. Intensely. It unnerved me.

    You speak little
    And tell no lies.

    I have red lips
    And tell little white lies.
    Red spells sex.
    My lips are intoxicating like wine.
    My words unnerve.

    This morning you said I was beautiful
    And I believed you.

    Even though my hair was a sea
    Of tangled curls
    And my eyes were bleary
    The smell of cloves in my hair.
    And coffee on my breath,
    I held my breath as you traced my body like a map and I felt like I was being conquered for the first time. No, discovered.

    I am speechless.
    Lies don?t line my lips.
    Words can cross countries silently.

    In the way your fingers drifted
    lightly over my body, soundlessly, silently.

    Your soft kiss spoke volumes.

    I don?t care about the future.
    Definitions don?t bother me.
    I am simply a ballerina in a jewelry box
    Waiting for you to open me again and make me dance.
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    shaebutter write:
    I just won an international poetry contest, and would love to start a chat where everyone can dedicate a poem to someone they love, or lost...please feel free to express yourself. My poem will be published in Eternal Portraits in "2006"
    My love for poetry puts my body in motion.....LOL

    ok iam in love with this girl she rules my world i am in love with this girl se makes me squirle, iam in love with this girl can we take a trip around the word how's that hahahahahahahahah