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    I like to walk/run. I'm starting a new regime of walking or running , or some other aerobic exercise, for about 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week. So far I've done it pretty consistently, and the fact that it's so short a time to do it makes it easier to do. It's not the optimum amount of time that I've heard is recommended by health experts to exercise (I have read that 30-40 minutes per exercise session is best), but so far it's worked well for me. I find that walking is also good, in that it allows me some time to just think and plan and dream. What are your thoughts about walking, running, and exercise?
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    I admit to slacking off during the cold weather months, but during the rest of the year, I try to exercise regularly. I'm already on my feet eight hours a day because of my job, and according to a pedometer I wear, rack up the equivalent of about five miles just in a typical work day. I'm usually too tired after that to do any additional exercise, but on my two days off a week (or during my two weeks of vacation time), I'll try to make up for it. My body's pretty impervious to much weight change no matter what I do. Mostly it's to keep in good aerobic shape and to offset any "natural" weight gain that merely being a woman over 30 will bring you, if you don't do anything about it.
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    when cooked feed to garbage disposal and go to buffet at the Mirage.

    Sorry but just couldn't resist
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    I exercise daily through walking and some weights, amd also in eating correctly, although a few times, I think, hm 20 mins on treadmill when I eat something tastey. try this: olive oil in hot pan with dill weed and garlic and parsley powder,
    add cooked chicken, mushrooms, peepers, fresh spinach,whatever else you like, onions, stir to coat and heat a little,put on top pf romaine lettuce with cucumbers and tomatoes, marvelous and no dressing needed. 15 mins, done, enjoy, good eating,
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    Everything is smaller here - lol. Fridges, cars, parking spaces, houses, closets you name it....!! That's why I love coming to the States - there's always plenty of room to park a car, you don't have to manouever 10 times and then STILL have to squeeze out the door so you don't scratch the other guy's door with yours, big houses (for the fraction of a price of a medium-size apartment here), big built-in closets, huge fridges...! Geez...doesn't take much to make me happy does it...?!
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    There are open markets like this in every city in Europe practically. In LUX we have one every Wed and Sat morning but I hardly ever go cuz Wed I have to go to work and Sat I don't go into town very often anyway and if I do it's usually just as the market is closing. But even if I go to the supermarket I only shop small quantities - there are some things you have to buy every few days, to preserve the freshness: salad, fruit, bread etc... and in any case our fridges here are smaller so we can't buy enormous quantities of anything.
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    It seems each person is different. Check out a book called "Eat Right for Your ( Body or Blood ) Type". I don't haveit handy right now so can't remember if it is body or blood. The book present a novle way to determine what food fits your body based on your ancestry.

    I follow it somewhat, but find a good amount of exercise and a lower consumption of carbs works for me.
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    I have some background here and would like to offer what I feel is helpful. I have been a personal trainer since 95, I have a BS (in BS) in Human Nutrition. We all have different genetics that affect our ability to lose and or gain weight and or muscle mass. Wome are not as likely to bulk up as they do not have the testosterone levels we have. So add on the weight ladies, go slow when lowering the weight to gain strength, and stay safe. If you continue to use the same amount of weight
    day after day the muscles acclimate, to not being challenged. As far as eating moderation is good, many small meals with protein, complex cards and some fat, throughout the day keeps the metabolism kicked in. Eat grapefruit prior to a meal to reduce insulin release. Use coconut oil for cooking, not OLIVE OIL. Use olive oil for dipping breads, on salads etc.. in the raw as it were. There is sugar in everything we eat here in America, get rid of the whites, sugar, flour, rice. Stay away from milk and as much dairy as possible, except yogurt with probiotics in it. If you eat foods with high fructose corn syrup, you may as well stick a needle in your arm, as it bipasses the normal assimilation process the body uses and proceeds directly into the blood stream, not good. Most importantly, we all have different genetics, what may work for your friend may not work as well for you, experiment a bit. If you don't eat fish get some flax seed oil (liquid) into your diet, take with some protein for better assimilation.
    My best advice is, if it's man made, it does not belong in your body, ie butter vs margarine.
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    Hi taxangeleyes............I love working out and as you said it can become addictive but hey its a good kind of addiction and working out with weights not only is the best excersize to tone up your body but it also increases muscles mass as we lose some of it as we age so it is very healthy I know that when for some reason I cannot make it to the gym in one week I feel something is far as a trainer goes it beneficial to have a trainer would I be more disciplined if I had one? I have always kind of wanted to build a littel more muscle than just toning but am kind of skeptical I think a little more muscle can decrease the look of femininity ..........what do you all think? Any comments.......would love to hear them!!! Thanks!
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    I don't believe in dieting either...I believe in a changing your health styles. I didn't think I would ever be one that did much more than walking/jogging. But, recently I joined a gym and have a trainer and I do cardio...which has never been a problem...but, I am now lifting weights and working on all of the weight machines...not to bulk up...that is not what I am looking for but to firm up...feel better, look better. I have become addicted to working out now. It is just a matter of sitting a time and going. Turn off the TV for a couple of hrs and go workout. You might become addicted too. I don't do it for anyone...other than myself.
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    Hi! Miss iiwky, thanks for caring I do understand what you are saying, too much proteing is not good for anyone I have tried it but do not feel the healthiest when I do, moderation is the key to losing weight and staying healtthy! I feel healthiest when I do eat in moderation and excersize as well! So i do understand what you are saying , although at times its very tempting to try any so called diets that usually do not work!
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    i have a trianer that trians me so its set and i eat healthy as much i can as much as usal..

    for sure;)
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    Hi everyone, I found that if I run 3-4 miles a day I stay real healthy. I eat mostly fruits & veggies & a few times a week real lean meat, grilled. Also eat fresh fish and lots of nuts and dried prunes.. I even break down and have some yogart ice cream when I am feeling like a bad boy... Now what do I do with all this Valentine candy... ?
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    Please be careful about the no starch, high protein Too much protein can add stress on your kidneys and liver. I have a degree in nutrition and I worked for a year in a protein biochem laboratory
    so I do know what I am talking about. Moderation in carbs and protein are the best way to go . Most doctors think Atkins is not a healthy lifestyle and some people are beginnign to feel it affects.
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    I want to say hellow to everyone since I am new here and I think this site is very interesting and there is some very nice people on here! I love to work out at the gym with light weights and cardio on the treadmill! They say a high proteing and low carb if you follow it strictly and doing weights even lighter weights with higher reps will build more muscle 3 to 4 times a week and so therefore you will eventually lose weight and be much more healthier! Again I want to say how wonderful these forums are I love reading them and I do hope we can all share and help one another!
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    new to this website...glad to see some talking about something semi important :) our health. Trying to add in more excercise, just filing for divorce 3 years ago I dropped 35 pounds but kind of plataued. Keep reading conflicting reports. I also saw 30 minutes per day or even every other was enough, but as I am soon to be 50 recently read that to keep our metabolisms really working its better for us slightly older to keep more aerobic longer, even if not every day, so trying to up my 2 miles a day to 4 and then still keep in a short walk. Maybe it will help as the adding more shorter per week hasn't seemed too that much, but I did start really watching those snacks this past week and lost 2 lbs. It got freezing again here in so. calif (very unusual) but I'm going walking in a short while here. Hope more post some ideas.....thanks!
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    every thing is healthy......just matter of quantity.

    Studies proves that southern people in europe (italy, france, spain,....)....has the longest life expectation.....but they smoke.....they drink.....they eat exageration........siesta........and do not work extensively......
    enjoy your life.....enjoy your food......sleep not stress.......make sport......and you will die