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    Any fellow detectorists out there? What is your favorite quest? Old relics? A shipwreck? Perhaps old ballfields?

    The beauty of metal detecting is that everything you find has a story. An old button found at an old military school. Who's was it? A young cadet? Perhaps a visiting dignitary. Every piece has a history. Then there are the monetarily valuable things. Old rings, coins from 100 years ago, maybe old Spanish galleon coins.

    What's your story? Any fellow hunters in So Cal?
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    Cub, jump on in. The water's warm. Let the inner dork come flowing out.

    As to getting rich, you'd better have a lot of time to invest. Real detectorists get hyped over two quarters, three dimes (one silver), and a few pennies they found at the park. Unless you find some lost buried treasure it's all in the hunt. Besides, if you find something really valuable (according to the rules of detecting ettiquette) you are supposed to try to locate the owner, i.e. school rings, wedding rings, and other identifiable stuff. Obiously some things are impossible to Identify ownership. But if a ring has an inscription, it is possible. Besides, giving a diamond ring with "To my dearest Samantha" on the band to your girlfriend Linda may not be the best course of action.

    The best things I have found so far (I've been out maybe a dozen times) are a $500 watch and a nice Turquoise ring and a few lead ball bullets. That was cool holding something that was meant to be used 200 or more years ago.

    WAKE UP! Like a proper dork I have probably bored you to tears by now I'm sure.

    Try reading some stories about lost treasures in your area. That should fire you up a bit. Out here in California there are tons of stories about stagecoach robbers hiding their loot before being shredded by a posse with noone left to tell where they hid it.

    One last thing, be prepared to spend a duccat or two. Good detectors go from $550 up to about $2500 with some going into the stratosphere of prices. Mine cost $750.

    There you go. More than you hoped I'm sure. Have fun. Do something dorky today. Dorkman is just dieing to get out and play.