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    When I was younger I went to an music academy in Hollywood studying piano but later turned to turntablism as a primary career choice. My journey into the sound of the underground was born in the 90's and over the years I've had alot of fun spinning records at nightclubs all over. It was more than just a hobby for me hopping from campus to campus, home to home. Anywhere a DJ was needed, I was there with a thick stack of vinyl ready to go. My favorite type of music is Jungle/Drum-n-Bass. I have 4 turntables and a couple cd players I like to mix with and occassionally like to perform live. If you're ever in need of a dj, I'm there.

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    Hi Jason. I know exactly the place you went. Some of my friends are professors there. I majored in voice and minored in piano, taught voice and piano for 19 years adnd now I am a holistic health coach/life coach. lol Nice to meet you.

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    hmmmm i had a boyfriend that dj'd i loved watching him work...he played mostly house...
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    I am vern and love house jungle techno when you want to bring that to a preproduction/production forum please let me know.