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    Minerva, Orion will have a field day on the boar trying to catch all the fish for us to invent more Love your Greek one for a good taramasalata?
    Here is one I serve as a dip:
    Get smoke Mackerel..remove skin and flake the fish removing all bones.
    Mix with cream cheese, mayonaise, parsley and a touch of chillie powder and garlic powder..
    and a squeeze of lemon juice...great as a dip with pitta bread or cream cracker..
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    In Greece the normal way to serve feta cheese is to drizzle it with olive oil and sprinkle oregano on it. Rosemary is used only sparingly with fish mostly because of its strong taste.
    I make a mean dzadziki.... (yoghurt, cucumber and garlic dip....) goes with everything.... but those with intentions to kiss someone afterwards: BEWARE!! lol....
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    ooooh... Bonnie!! That sounds simply delicious girl!! Can I come too??
    Orion: your fresh grilled fish sounds great too. Best fish I ever had was in Greece: we went out on the boat at dawn, gathered up the nets and that evening grilled the fish.... most delicious I've ever tasted....
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    hey Orion,
    I have a better recipe...I only need to bring a sharp knife, lemon, wasabi /mustard and soya sauce to come with you and when you get your catch..I will gut the fish or squid..slice them up in thin slivers ..lay on a broad banana leaf or paper plate..drizzle lemon juice, soya sauce and wasabi over the freshly cut fish/squid..and voila just eat it raw ..sashimi ala Japanese heating or washing up needed...and fat free! ..itadakimasu..or bon apetit
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    Wow... I'm sure that's exactly the kind of recipe LOOK was LOOKing for to impress a lady... hehehe

    I know that I'd enjoy the trip very much but the fishing, gutting, cutting head parts... I think I'd faint... GEEZZZZ, I can't even kill a spider, I pick it up and take it outside... well I don't do that with thos big brown spiders with the 2 fangs in front. that you find in the sink or tub in springtime... YUCK!!! They sure are fast little buggers though... lol