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    It strikes me that having money or being very attractive are are both desirable qualities in a man. Why is it ok to pursue very good looking men but considered gold digging to be attracted to wealthy men? I think money is everything but it does beat a sharp stick in the eye. Any thoughts?

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    Good evening ladies and gentleman, money means nothing in a country where there is no economy, money will mean nothing if the world goes to  war and destroy all man has built.  But  because having money makes life more easy and more comfortable it is something that draws both ladies and men into a state of I will use what I got to get what I want, to reach that status that makes life more sweet. And if it means being considered a gold digger then so be it. 


      I know both, the have and the have not, and I know that some like their wealth and live like their poor, and some are poor and live like like they are wealthy, I know some who are both good looking and wealthy and some who are good looking and poor. I know individuals who are wealthy and still go for gold diggers and vise versa,  so this topic is endless, one because we have a large variety of individuals in the world with a large variety of teaching and cultures. 


      So matter what you motive is just remember the Royal law, love and love unconditional.  

      Be blessed, yours truly Mr. Born1top. 

       Love and peace, don't hate participate! 

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    Its very individual what each woman is looking for in man. I dont think anyone will be turned down only because of high income. Usually men, who know how to make money, are just more intelligent... better conversationalist, more stimulating for women minds. Also, money gives do whatever u want, we all strive for freedom, to be better self and maximize your potientials.

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    All about the motive. Older less attractive wealthy men and young sexy females, how do you explain that.

    I must say, however, there are some young attractive women who may have true feelings for older wealthy men, not many, but a few.  I admire any relationship when both people are on the same page about the relationship.


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    Quoting author:

    Oh boy did I hit a sore spot with these two. I am speaking for myself, to say that a women doesnt find stability a trait that is important to both genders is ridiculous. By stabilty I am not simply referring to only a mans financial status. There are many other factors to the term. The fact that you two assumed I meant fiancial stability gives me a pretty clear idea of where your mind is. So if you both are on Millionaire match but financial stability (to which both of you automatically went in your feedback and stated that is not important to you) why did you join a site called Millionaire Match? A bit contridictory if you ask me but Im only speaking for myelf. Open your mind a bit and you will realize that stability encompasses much more than financials.

    For the record, I did not join a site called MillionaireMatch. I joined a website that goes by another name, Classy-Dating -Site. Why did you assume?  Regardless of the name, should I be bias against someone who is more wealthy instead of poor?  Did I pass your open mind test?



    If you were referring to stability in another context with the forum thread having the title;"Why is pursuing a man who is wealthy considered gold digging ", you should have made it more clear with your first post.  Most people would come to the conclusion you meant stability in financial terms in this blog, especially since your exact words were "finacial stable". lol  When you attempt to defend yourself, it may be a good idea to read your previous posts first.

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    Quoting author:

    I agree with you completely. Women's most important thing they seek is security. So a gentlemen that is financial stable is a huge advantage amounst the masses .


    I disagree with Adrienne. Security is absolutely NOT the most important thing that women seek.  She is speaking for a minority of women, you could call them Golddiggers or materialistic or a few other not good terms.  The only thing most women want is feel secure that their partner loves them, nothing more.  The guy I married 20 some years ago was not just broke, he was in debt with a very bad credit score among other things.


    Some females here are only perpetuating lies and a certain stereotype. Speak for yourself, Adrienne!!