What's the simplest way to become a millionaire? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    I'd really like to know. ;)

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    Thank you! 

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    This is very TRUE that when there is blood in the streets its time to buy!  In 2001 when the stock market collapsed and everyone was bailing out.  I was buying when it hit bottom at 6400 if I remember.  I invested 350K and in 7 years I had a million dollars in my investment portfolio!  I had read a book which I could not remember the name and I REMEMBER that quote!  I went all in!  

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    Balzac said that behind every fortune there is a crime. Margaret Thatcher said that being powerful is like being a lady, if you have to explain that you are you aren't. Scott Fitzgerald said let me talk about rich people, they are different from me and you. Whereupon Hemingway apparently replied: yes, they have more money.


    And since Fitzgerald once said "I talk with the authority of failure" too, i think that being bestowed generously with such authority i can patch up those suggestions and come up with the following scheme:


    Being rich is like being a lady, if you have to be explained about how to be one you will never be one. Find a way to exploit human vanity, but you have to be so scrupeless that you won't refrain from selling a can of air with great fanfare. Whereupon you will find that you are different from all the others: once because you have more money, and another because Mephistopheles is coming to trade your soul.


    Otherwise you can beat the most beaten track and inherit a fortune (which you can happily squander in drinks and minxes, or in one minx), or a good business (which you can ruin with the utmost fun). Whereupon you will have more money, and Mephistopheles, though not totally disinterested, will be considerably less interested in you.


    My suggestion is: don't seek fortunes, let fortunes find you. And since this is the advise of somebody that fortunes have never found, you should probably seek them. But they are female, and as such very whimsical - one day they like you, the other day they don't. And there is nothing rational that you can do about it.

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    Supply and demand(solving problems and meeting needs),helping others get what they want and/or need.Congratulations on your success. BigTigerVB


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    There is no single way to become a millionaire,but realize that there are some common threads among the rich and aspiring rich.Think and Grow Rich is an awesome book,and one of the statements that sticks out to me is,"Desire is the starting point of all achievement."What are your dreams,talents,the things that consume you?What would you regret not having tried or done?Real estate,winning the lottery,inheritance,franchise owner,beauty queen,actors/actresses,and so on.You name it---there are numerous ways to become rich or even just better off financially.I am not rich yet,but the important thing is to move in the direction that you were placed on this earth to do so.For me,that means affiliate marketing,writing books and songs,YouTube channel,and anything else that I can't think of at the moment.I hope that this helps. BigTigerVB

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    There's a famous saying by Baron Rothschild " when there's blood on the streets, buy property "


    There's no "simplest " but " bloodiest " I'm afraid.







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    That's not an easy question to answer. Even marrying rich has it's difficulties. For me it was Forex Trading. After my first investment of $3000, it took me 5 years just to learn how to trade and have consistent profits enough to become my full time income. Now I grow other peoples money for a share in the profits. It is way more profitable for me to grow other peoples money, then my own. Because I am in such great demand, people pay me more for my services. I don't even have to look for investors, they find me. The ups and downs of the learning curve were the hardest things i experienced on my roads to riches. I would have to quote from Wall Street the movie, "the most valuable commodity I know of is information". So I would have to say the simplest way to become a millionaire is ask a millionaire. 

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    I'm gonna leave a quote with a mic drop.





    If you want to be a Millionaire, start with a billion dollars and launch a new airline.


    --Richard Branson--

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    My dad always said that over the course of a lifetime you would have a million dollars pass through your hands at least. Of course, we make more money now, so that will happen much sooner than when my parents were young. :D Just work hard any job for the rest of your life and you'll be a millionaire at some point. 

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    What does it take to become a millionaire?  a deep sense of gratitude minus a sense of entitlement.  Find something you love to do.  The money will follow.  Do the common uncommonly well.  Several of my childhood friends who never went to college are now worth millions from the small construction, tool & die, automotive, and HVAC businesses that they started, while the college educated friends work in mid level mgnt positions and hate it.  What's the common denominator between them?  gratitude v entitlement. Remember this; the world owes you NOTHING!


    Be frugal.  Do you really need the 4500sq /ft house when their is only one or two of you?  or a new leased bmw every two years?  Stop playing the suckers game and learn frugality.  One doesn't need to be cheap, but learn to live within your means.  


    Know the difference between friends and acquaintances, and surround yourself with those that are positive and willing to think out of the box.  We all fail at some point.  Failure is a true test of ones character. Learn to observe and learn from others who have been there, brushed themselves off and jumped into the game again.


    Those that are successful have a mantra of doing the common uncommonly well.  quality work attracts quality people who will advance your career into areas you never dreamed possible.  always give more than expected.  You'll feel better about yourself and attract the attention of those around you.


    Loose the TV habit and pick up a book.  Read!  everything you want to know about success has been written by someone.  Learn from them.


    Lastly, when everyone else is marching to the left, run to the right!  a friend had a very successful hot dog/hamburger stand along the beach. Competition was very stiff with many competitors slugging it out.  He beat them all and made millions.  How did he do it when his burgers and dogs were the same size as his competition?  Simple; he ran right and put them on smaller buns.  His customers thought they were getting more than they paid for and kept coming back.  Eventually his competition closed and he was the the king of the beach!


    If all else fails, play the lottery and pray.  Even a blind squirrel will find a nut once in a while.



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    Assuming you are young, and in the U.S.


    Educate yourself, get a decent job that won't become redundant, live a frugal life (google mr. money mustache), invest wisely starting small (do not let your employer deduct money for a mutual fund 401k pension; self-invest that same money in a broad market ETF in a ROTH IRA up to the max, leftover money goes to a traditional IRA), live a frugal life, marry someone educated, with the same goals and abilities, buy a modest house that you intend to live in for at least ten years, live a frugal life. Learn about personal finance, and investing. 


    You don't have win a lottery, or own a business, or invent the next wheel. It only takes a steady job, frugality, and the will to save and invest wisely. Lastly, don't live in a city or state beyond your means. Too many people live in locations they can't afford, but don't realize it until it's too late. They use the high cost of living as an excuse not to save. And if they don't save, they are not forced to learn HOW to save, and in turn, HOW to invest.



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    I don't need to be a millionaires.  Just retain good tenants, get out of debt and hopefully find the love of my life.

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    how about winning the lottery jackpot?

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    Money takes:


    1) A dash of talent

    2) A modicum of luck

    3) A lot of hard work.


    You can do without the talent if you are VERY lucky, but you always need luck and hard work.


    Take a lottery winner - most of them are broke within 3 years.  Why?  Because they don't have the talent and didn't do the hard work.


    Because it is so hard,  it is generally a good idea to select some work that you enjoy.  Even then, without the luck you will never become a millionaire.

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    Invest a small amount using simple and successful trading strategies in the forex market and build up slowly using wise money management.  Your account will grow exponentially when you reinvest your earnings and become more confident.  I'm more than willing to share some of the simple trading strategies I have used with success for free

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    I believe that the easiest way to become a millionaire is to marry a millionaire on the" style="color:black;cursor:default;text-decoration:none. No risk, no work and no efforts needed. :)

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    Quoting author:

    Be honest with yourself , never ever blame anyone else for anything, it's entirely up to you to change yourself and the people around you as soon as you blame someone you give then the key to your life oh and work hard, no harder than that , no no much much much harder.  

    Great advice @Angel4Knight! On a separate note, I really enjoyed your profile and share much of your same mindset.  I actually wrote you a comment (beyond the lame few words), but inadvertently typed it in the wrong area, and I'm not a member to be able to send. I have copied it since it was lengthy and too much to try to rewrite, but can't paste it into the comments. However, I'm assuming could to an email, so I'll save it in case I hear from you. If so, I'll message it to you, as it might work through messages. Unfortunately, I can't initiate an email, but can respond. 


    Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family! 🎄


    @rico2003 remember that money can't buy you happiness or love.  Why not just aim to get by comfortably, work at something you love, enjoy the love of your family, friends, loved ones and a good woman along the way, and if by chance you become a millionaire while doing so, consider it icing on top of the cake! 🍰


    Happy Holidays and Best wishes! 🎄

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    Be honest with yourself , never ever blame anyone else for anything, it's entirely up to you to change yourself and the people around you as soon as you blame someone you give then the key to your life oh and work hard, no harder than that , no no much much much harder.  

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    Quoting author:

    Read the book called "The Millionares Next Door" and follow it. I did and I did. :-)

    You read the book and became a millionaire? I gotta have a read.