The rich deserve true love too Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Ladies! stop looking for a millionaire and look for a good man.No one wants to be loved for what they have. I have seen both side of life. And love is priceless. Plus anything a millionaire can buy he can easily be rid of. Are you forgetting the raw passion lust and good sex you can have with that person you care deeply for?Choose Love first and anything can happen after.
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    I agree with that as well. But men should stop looking for a Barbie Doll and the physically perfect woman and look for a great soul mate. That is my take on the matter. 

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    I can't speak to your first question, but I can give you my thoughts about true love. True love also includes respect.  Respect may or may not be another name for loyalty, but in any case, whether because of respect or loyalty, true love requires the self-control to not take a lover.



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     I believe that true love requires knowledge, efforts, and loyalty.

     Men have different ideas about have a wife or have a lover. Especially men with resources.

     It’s not rare that when a rich man truly love a woman but if thought his lover is not qualified ( in some meaning ) as his wife, he will found another one instead, but he still “ in love “ with the first one.

     Or a rich man has both lover and wife, and loves his lover more than loves his wife sometimes. I saw many these cases due to my job in the past decades.

     So, please tell me:

     Besides culture differences,  How much likely when rich men talk about “ true love” is talk about a wife? Or, A lover?

     Does the “ true love” you mentioned including loyalty?

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    yeah they do!!!

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    AMEN sister!
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    Oh and I do want to mention. I have nothing against skinny girls or young women.My comment about young women dont want to commit unless a man has money is not intentionally pointing at all young women and thin women as well. Again, I didn't mean to come off sounding harsh in anyway. Just trying to get ALL men to open up their eyes and see that ALL women can have a great heart  and great personality and they shouldn't totally rule out your "average" woman. I know men have a preference, but why not test the waters of just a average woman? :)
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    It would be nice if the average "rich man" was truly looking for true love HOWEVER when you read what they want in a woman the
    thing they put down most frequently is 1) she has to be HOT or VERY ATTRACTIVE 2) The max age is much younger than what the man is, so they are always looking for women younger 3) then they seem to procede and say "she must be physically fit and stays in shape"
    Now if a man is looking for TRUE LOVE Why is it that HOT and VERY ATTRACTIVE is at the top of the list. Im not saying go for the ugly duckling but why not give the average looking girl a go and see what she has to offer, you may be surprised at how attractive you will find her once your around her and get to know her
    Then, why must the max age be several years younger than themself. Maybe if you attempt to date that girl your own age you may realize you have more in common and more willing to commit into a relationship. Alot of younger women aren't ready to commit (unless they know you have $$ to offer, and thats not the right reason for her to commit to you)
    and last 'Physically fit"? I can understand that but why not take a heavy set girl (not obese) out on a date. Most heavy girls are very attractive if you REALLY look at them, they have a heart of gold, are fun to be with, can usually cook:), aren't stuffy or a snob, don't have their head stuck in their Louis Vuitton bags and would do anything to make their man happy and they aren't just after your money.You can always work on her getting physically fit between hiring her a personal trainer or whatever it takes. Do you think heavy girls want to stay heavy, not really, but alot of which can't afford personal trainers to guide them in the right direction  and they need that extra boost which can cost big $$. Its not always food that has made them heavy.
    Guys that are rich, if you want true love consider other choices besides younger women than yourself, HOT, Sexy, and VERY attractive, and physically fit and try dating the other girls, you may just find "true love". =)
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    ya ladys we are here for u, stop looking for rich man.

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    I agree with you that it is important to look for a good man.
    It doesn´t mena that if the man is rich that he is good. But if the wealthy man become wealthy thanks to his own work then there is something more positive about him. e.g. he is not lazy and he knows what he wants.