Please tell me why men never approach me?? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Girl you are absolutely beautiful BUT is that a cigarette in your hand? Kick that habit VERY QUICKLY, I personally think more and more guys  turn their cheak to cigarette smoking women.  Other than than, maybe they just feel intimidated cause you are so beautiful or they just assume you're taken.
    Next time you see a man at a function that you think might be someone you want to get to know, make sure he notices that your looking his way, do a  hair flip, smile, wink, something that'll let him know your interested. Also make sure hes not taken before you do it (look at his ring finger, take note to see if anyone is with him) and make sure he's noticing you too.
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    Interesting, why don't you walk up to the guy and start talking to him.
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    I would approch you the second I saw you, I just haven't seen you yet. I guess some guys are just intimidated. Someone will come along though.
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    I know a lot of people have been telling me this!!!!! SUCKS SOOO MUCH BC I AM VERY DOWN TO EARTH AND A VERY SWEET AND SIMPLE GIRL :(
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    I hate to say this...I HATE to say it...

    But, well, they're probably a bit scared.

    You're very pretty, so that instantly puts men on their guard. The nice, sweet guys think, "She's high-maintenance, or she's got an NFL linebacker for a boyfriend." This leaves the jerks who have little to lose.

    You may also get men who wish to rack up experiences with beautiful women out a sense of hurt or bitterness. Those are the worst!

    I've been there. All that's left to do is keep trying. I know - it sucks. But, that's that.