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    Why is there the notion that if women want to date successful men, they are gold diggers??


    Why can't it be because to acquire success you have to have certain qualities... like drive, persistence, consistency, ambition, and many more....


    WHY wouldn't I be attracted to a person who has those qualities??


    Having success in business/career equals financial success as well, goes hand in hand. No surprise there.


    So WHY, I ask and cannot answer the question, WHY I would be perceived as a gold digger if I have interest in successful men? Isn't it time we grow up and stop judging people for what they desire?


    I am sure a man would be easily tired of a lazy dumb blonde, who has no aspirations in life, only interested in shopping and spa and cannot lead a conversation... Correct me if I am wrong... ;)


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    Would you apply the same logic to a man seeking a "successful" woman?



    What do you want to do ?
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    I would not consider anyone looking for a successful partner (the latter is not me, btw) as a gold digger.

    However presuming that success equates merit means forgetting two elements: one, that the world isn't a just place. Second, that some success is actually inherited (even a good job, sometimes).

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    No, I don't know the Cinderslla story.

    But I know most people more likely gravitated to where they are willing to be instead " where they are wanted most "  

    Especially when it is comes as a principle of date.


    My point is : don't afraid to be questioned the ability of earn money before complaining the gold diggers.

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    Money is the result, the process of making money requires knowledge and ability.

    Beauty is the result, a symbol of good genes.

    Women want money because their "Nesting instinct”.

    Men want beauty because the " Parental investment".

    It is human nature.

    If a relationship help us to get to know much better who we are and what we really want, we all want have a good result. 
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    I agree Paula,  I've tried other dating sites and it's ridiculous.  I'm just signing up on this site today, haven't even fully...finished filling it out.  I don't want to waste my time AGAIN.  I'm not a gold digger but I'm looking for qualities where a male can at least take good photos for one.  My word, not just a selfie in the bathroom or car.  If you are putting yourself out there in the dating scene again, get your act together.  Take care of yourself (in all aspects). So to me there are qualities that obviously go along with success and a higher income.  I'm pretty active and I'm having a hard time meeting men my age who take care of themselves and yet they want the arm candy with the fit bod.  Hey and I understand about working and kids and being busy, it's not all about appearance for me.  But when one doesn't make an effort on their profile, shady photos, unkept backgrounds or body...that says something about that person and perhaps why they are single.


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    Have you ever heard of Cinderella story? This timeless principle works to date. The wealthy usually gravitate to where they are needed most.

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong for feminine energy seeking out power, influence and security from masculine energy. Masculine energy is usually the giver, while feminine energy is the receiver. These romantic dynamics work, regardless of gender. 

    These dynamics are proven principles in the law of compatibility. 


    Those critical about 'gold digging display the feminine energy(receiving) and would be most compatible with the 'giving' trait of masculine energy. Similar energies cancel each other out, hence an unhealthy relationship. 

    Everyone has the responsibility of identifying their energy, then seek the opposite in the other. Feminine ladies seeking out financial security will find someone willing to honour them with their needs while masculine men derive their self-worth by feeling needed. Each will find fulfilment in the other.


    In the quest for Cupid, identify your energy, then attract it either in the Grocery Store or a Castle!





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    It is because worthless losers who can not amount to anything try to blame anything but themselves for the fact that women don't want them. 

    I am here because I will be a millionaire in 10 years myself. Which is why a man who is 10 years older than me and has not become a millionaire by then is BENEATH me. 

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    We're genetically programmed to find men who are the "Alpha". 


    I'm retired now, but when I was working I was so successful and driven so I had to find the same to respect him.  I don't think too many people who take the initiative to find their mate would request a "couch potato".


    You're right on to request what you like, I agree with the others, only insecure people will say negative things about you.  Life is too short to be around negative people, they just weeded themselves out of your life and precious time.


    My motto is to move on, but to be kind as this personality has self-esteem issues.


    Good luck sweetie!

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    Absolutely spot on! 


  • View author's info Posted on May 26, 2019 at 04:37 PM

    Pay no attention to what others are saying about being a Gold digger. What's important is how you feel about yourself. Women are attracted to powerful men. Money is Power. Financial security should be one of the things that women look for in a man. Not only looks and youth. There is nothing wrong with love for money. Be proud of who you are. I think you are perfect.

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    You are not a coal miner, either😅


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    Undoubtedly, you are absolutely right in everything you write.

    I have noticed that men who call women like this [gold digger etc] are not successful in life and of course they, like everybody, want to have such an intelligent beauty like you are,

    if you want my advice: pay no attention on those who allow themselves to offend you, they don’t worth attention at all, just block or delete them without putting emotional side in it.

    Strongly believe that your Amazing Gentleman will find youand you both will be the happiest couple. I believe in it!🙏🏻💛🌸




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    I think men who think like that are insecure.  It’s more about them rationalizing why they can’t get a pretty blonde woman.  I talk about women all the time with my friends and they say well it’s easy for you to attract women because you are good looking,  tall and muscular,  or it’s easy for black guys.  So in your case,  some guys will say,  that guy gets women because he has money. Looks and success attract women. Alpha traits. Beta males always try to put down women and caus e trouble.


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    Your profile doesn't read "gold digger" to me. You're just an intelligent woman using the internet to find a match. Naturally, perhaps intuitively, as with real-world dating, you desire someone your equal, or better. Who purposely, actively seeks someone with no assets or security?



    The Millionaire Match logo notwithstanding, there shouldn't be a stigma associated with your dating approach. Hard core gold digging, where the age range is 18-99, exists here on MM, yet even then, who can judge right or wrong between two people at different stages of their life, with different needs.