Do Rich/Beautiful Women Have Higher Expectations For Men? Dating Wealthy Men / Women

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    Are rich/beautiful women always single just because they necessarily have higher standards and greater expectations for men?

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    Of course! When you are attractive, intelligent and not poor you want to find a man of the same level which is obviously very difficult to find. And not to speak about "fake" millionnaires : they are certified millionaires but as most people don't realize that you cannot have a high standard of living with one million $ when you have to live on this, they for fall these guys. Just a figure : 1 million with a return of 4 % (which means that you have destroyed your capital within 30 years if you are lucky) means an income of 40 000 $ per year before taxes.

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    Historically women have traded homemaking and nurturing for a man's protection and provision.  When a women is both beautiful and wealthy she is able to provide for herself.  She is less likely to want to marry out of need than to marry out of love.  That's good news for men who worry about her motivation.  She is less likely to adopt the traditional male role of providing for a man.  Instead she is attracted to a handsome wealthy man who is her equal.  Years of evolution are hard to deny.

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    To directly answer the question, yes.   Most have unrealistic expectations and want to live by double  standards.

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    I would say neither, it comes down to respect,  if a lady don't respect him,( a real man) will just give her his blessing and move on , and chalk it up as a lady who has not been informed.    So here is the deal with the way society is set up today many ladies have the upper hand. 

    • ladies are put in positions to be given gifts.

    • men have to get it for themselves/make it happen. 

    • even if the world went dark over night,  and there was no more electricity,  running water,  grocery stores,  etc it would be up to the real men to provide,  protect,  make shelter,  etc.  We know that there are some women who can take care of themselves but for the mast majority it would be a lot of crying going on. 

    • so to the guy who keeps himself in shape thumbs up, to the guy who can hunt thumbs up, to the guy who knows how to find fresh water thumbs up, to the guy who can build a home thumbs up, to the guy who leads his family in a loving and righteous way of life thumbs up, to the guy that leads his community in a loving and righteous manner thumbs up. And to the guy who gives 100 in his relationship thumbs up. 

    • And to all who give 100 female and male in their marriage/relationship etc thumbs up. 




    Dear ladies I know money brings one happiness and makes life easier but it dose not matter who brings it to the table, as long as he is a real man with down right true 100 % qualities and loves you 100% and you love him 100%  the rest of the world will envy you, and when I say you I'm saying both of you because 2 becomes 1.

    Enjoy,  and I do hope this will help someone. 



    Yours truly Mr. Born1top,

    but please don't settle for a fake,  search, study, ask around what a real man is. Then see if he stacks up. I love when I'm chopping that oak wood just the pure stroke of the blow and work out takes me back to the real man who knows/ knew how to make it happen.  With love...

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    I'd say that it's harder for a rich/educated woman to find a man, than for a rich/educated man to find a woman due to the fact that women still are supposed to subordinate in most western cultures. Once it becomes obvious that a woman hold an equal, or superior, position most men go for age and beauty, which is much easier to control..

  least that's my excuse for being single :)

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    No.   Men have just as high standards and expectations for women.  


    It's not what the rich and beautiful expect, it's what WE expect for the rich and beautiful.


    When a man is wealthy and handsome, we often expect him to be happily single, while when a woman is rich and beautiful, we wonder why she isn't married.


    It also works the other way around -  when a man is wealthy, handsome, and not married, then we realize he may have issues that prevent it.  But when a woman is wealthy, beatutiful and not married, we ask "what is wrong with men?"  You should be asking - does that woman want to get married - and if so, what is she doing wrong


    We recognize that women (as a whole) care about something besides wealth and beauty, so we know that just being rich and wealthy does not mean women will fall all over you.


    But culturally, we refuse to admit (as a whole) ALSO care about stuff besides wealthy and beauty, so we are a bit surprised that just being rich and wealthy does not guarantee that men will fall all over you.


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    Well not being of that genda, could only assume Eddatang2013  That a Lady with wealth/beauty is going to be far more selective with respect to a relationship, after-all the person would naturally need to be a complement to her lifestyle, her social circles and be able to play that important role along side her, especially if it consisted of much wining and dining in possible business circles, so I would conclude that yes  it could very well be the case for a minority of situations, but it really depends on individual Woman and also how the Man can handle those expectations, some may feel intimidated, others may just go with the flow and blend in because they have that laid back disposition.