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     After looking at some of the activity on “Doctsb3” I didn’t want to believe what these  women were saying on there, so I had to see for myself.  What do you know they were exactly right.  Ladies please stay far away from him he is nothing but a player.  When he gets called out he blocks you. Hahaha! The pictures he has posted are not recent they’re several years old or decades old.  Like the other ladies you’re not the only one he’s talking too. He goes MIA on you because he’s talking to multiple girls. DON’T EVER TRUST THIS GUY!!! 



    I’m a personal trainer so for this person to be superficial is sad to me. No I don’t have a weight problem and never have. Someone like that to think women or men are beneath them because of weight is mine blowing. Women or men with some extra weight are the ones that have the truest hearts. Most of the time they are more loyal than anybody else you’ll ever find. Sorry about this rant but I feel that I had to speak out for other women/men and couldn’t let this go. 


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    Girlie I’m sorry for what he did to you and the other ladies!!!


    Wouldn’t you know it. That “SOB” “Doctsb” is on POF doing the same crap to even more women. He’s such a disgrace to women. Superficial men like that make me sick. Will be posting there too about him and every other site there is. He needs to be stopped!! (Funny thing is, he’s not a thin person himself)


    What does it matter if a women needs to lose some weight. So for all you other superficial men, think of it this way, if she’s pretty with some extra weight now, imagine what she would look like if or when she lost the weight. (You can’t change pretty unless you’re on drugs)( you’re pretty your pretty there’s no hiding it!). Here’s a hint men why don’t you try to get to know her first before making a judgement call. She just might happen to be what you have been looking for all this time. A little encouragement can go along way.  



    Women this goes for you as well!!! 

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    He was a very sly man.  Definitely not to be trusted! He  definitely had multiple girls lined up and was playing each and everyone of them.  He most likely still is even though he’s deactivate his account. Lol!  

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