Why do guys like your profile, but dont message you? Dating Tips and Advices

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    I see this all the time, a guy will view my profile multiple times and will like it but won't message me. Whats up with that? When it comes to dating, i'm a little old school, I believe a man needs to do the chasing. I will not chase a man, it seems like some men on here want to be chased. That is feminine energy and I'm not into that at all. Thoughts?

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  • View author's info Posted on May 15, 2019 at 11:12 AM

    That's a good question. I just joined not too long ago and hardly get any views, let alone likes, winks or, messages. I noticed the ones that liked my profile aren't premium members, so they can only like or send winks, but not messages. I am a premium member because I want to be able to use this site fully but, so far no action at all. Only some views and likes, but no winks or messages. I have even messaged some men (Premium and Certified Millionaires) on here and they read my message and didn't respond. Apparently it's kind of expected that women "chase" men on sites like this, especially if they are CM, because they are so busy in their personal lives and just don't have time to do all the chasing. They get so many messages from women that they don't have time to view or, don't bother to view profiles and respond to all messages. You really have to do the work here. I am not too keen on that either and I fully understand where you are coming from. I am bit old school myself and think the men should do the chasing but, when they have so much money, they think; well why chase this one when I get any woman I want? You have to stand out in your profile and when you message them, otherwise they won't bother. That's hard to do though. I feel my profile looks good, nice pictures and filled out nicely and all but, I don't know what they find attractive. So I will stick it out for one month and put in some work messaging and winking to see what happens, but if after a month I don't get anywhere, I won't bother with this site anymore. Hope that helps though. Sorry if this comment wasn't too uplifting. Just keeping it real with you.