Scammer presents himself as businessman involved in oil/gas Dating Tips and Advices

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    The new scammers story (from my own experience):

    It was paid profile (not on this side), but person quickly ask for other way of communication like email.

    Person sends photos and tells his story - singel father, just back to USA from business cursus in Switzerland.  Shortly going back to finish education. Retired sailor, that invested his money into oil/gas business and it goes very good.

    I immediately Google his email address and photos - nothing. After exchanging a few emails, came to the point of chatting.

    Person doesn't use WhatsApp or Skype,  but Hangouts. But again, because of time difference didn't come to video communication.

    Soon person let me know that he needsimmediately to go to business trip to offshore and going to do it with boat with friends. During trip he sends a few photos,  on the photos can see that it's the same person,  but quality is very bad.

    On his "way back" the ship was broken and they had to come to harbour for repairs. Few days later he says that they got woning that in neighbourhood are pirate and he needs to send his money to somebody to make sure that it will be saved.

    Because we new each other just online and only few weeks I told that find it strange to send it too me and proposed to send it to his dougther  (13 years old, stays in school hotel during his trips). Or that he can send it with one of courer services to himself with recipe date later (when he knows that for sure will be in the city). On one or other reason bank transfer or western union was not en option.

    He agreed to send it to his dougher and next day informed me that also did it.

    I even started to feel sorry that didn't believed the guy and was thinking that he is just scammer (already heard about people sending goods and receiver had to pay fight costs to get it free)

    By the way once I start doubting that person is real (scammer behind it) he tried to call me with video in hangouts, but at the same time he knew that at that moment I was not able to talk at all. But the fact that he at tented to call made me again thinking that I'm wrong and nothing is going on.

    Few days later he contacted me with story that his package with money hold in Turkey and had to be paid some costs (just around 1000 dollars ) to let packege go thru. 

    By the way one of the photo's that he sent later I can find with google - it was photo from other person (at least other name). But all other photo's (at was around 6-9) were not online.

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    Check everything.  Too bad if someone gets their feelings hurt.  No one should be asking anyone else for money - especially on a Millionaire Match site.  You can never be too cautious.  Good luck.