New here, wondering if anyone could give advice Dating Tips and Advices

  • View author's info Posted on Sep 08, 2018 at 12:33 PM

    I am pretty new to this site and recently discovered many forum posts suggesting that many users on here are scammers, fake, etc....

    Has anyone had success with meeting someone special through here?

    If so, could you give a girl some advice on how to meet someone?


    I'm not on here looking for a sugar daddy & I'm not some gold-digger.. aka not looking for a man the age of my parents.

    That's totally fine if you're into that, but so far that's the only types that have shown some sort of interest.


    Please share your advice & experiences, if you have any. (:

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    What I will tell you is that you must be careful, not just here, but with any site. There are many scammers, but, there are one or two honest post as well. You have to be the wise one. Don't give a dime to no one, don't give your address to no one. Just be smart.


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    Welcome Haileyps


                             Hope you come across some genuine ones on here, it's a large membership, they won't all be charlatans you run into.