Ladies, do be aware of fake military men/women scammers Dating Tips and Advices

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    I don't know if this is the new scam...but don't get fooled by pics of someone in uniform saying they're overseas.  They will make up some excuse saying they cant get ahold to their bank account and ask you to wire them money or use some sob story saying he's trying to buy the kids in Syria something.  


    I had someone who sent me fake pics and a video of a military person claiming to be in Syria. 

    Things that I noticed and called him out on it was.....


    1.  He was claiming to be an E-6 but his insigna on the uniform was an E-8

    2   His grammar was very poor

    3.  He use the excuse of being overseas as a reason NOT to video chat

    4.  I would ask him basic military questioins and he couldnt answer

    5.  He claimed he could leave Syria anytime he want to see me


    I'm a Vet and caught on to his lies quick. 


    Just watch out for these type of scammers ladies and gentlemen....I wasted a whole 48hrs on him.

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    Report scammers to MM.

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    If in doubt get them vetted - Private investigators exist in most cities in the world.

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    Wow I feel for you Ladies here, 

    I m sure it is only a selected few that carry on this way, I hope you eventually discover some genuine ones here.   



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    Well, I'm gonna say that after being on this site for little more than an hour and reading this and other posts, why I logged in to this.  I'm getting the feel it's as 'not so friendly' as most others?



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    I am seriously starting to wonder if this is a legitimate site at all.  The millionaires seem to be lures that have no intention of dating; and so many scammers.


    i am curious to know if ANYONE has had a lengthy exchange with a man on this site?

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    I'm so sorry... :(
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    I also had a similar experience on a different dating site the guy claimed to be close to my city but once we started talking he had to go to a business trip in Florida and then from Florida he ended up and Europe on a business trip he sent me photos we talked on the phone he had an accent so I believed everything he said. The difference in time was right on when he could call me and he convinced me to give him my bank account information if you wanted to help me and the son-of-a-bitch ended up depositing counterfeit checks into my account and caused the bank to close my account and freeze all my money and left me without any access to money for six weeks while they investigated it but being a single mom and struggling I was trying to do better and the money was going to help so once I saw the money was there he asked me to send him $500 to his cousin who I also was talking to on Kik and them it was all fake it was all lies. When I found out the checks were counterfeit I called him and he denied it said someone was playing a prank on him I contacted the bank where the checks came from and it's a well-known Bank in New York and they weren't in shock or anything they just told me to call the authorities and my city so I filed police report and then the lady told me that these guys sit in a warehouse and they read off a script and they all have the same story. Their widowed they're live in California but they're away on business their mom takes care of their kids same story

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      I believed and he robbed me of all my savings :-( 

  • View author's info Posted on Jul 13, 2017 at 05:11 PM and he told you..someone he doesnt know.  The guy I spoke to posted on his profile that he was in Syria.  Told me he was a single father of 2 kids...I asked where was the mom..he said he dont know ....he heard she was dead.   :-/ He had fake pics of someone and fake pics of the guys mom.  He wanted me to call him Staff Sgt...that was so weird.  His profile is gone now.

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    I had a similar experience with someone saying he was undercover in Syria...LOL

    Who would ever say that? 

    He kept on asking questions, without answering to those he was asked, and insisted on having my phone number and my email. When I told him I was surprised about his mentionning he was in Syria, undercover for the CIA and having a mission with UNO ... suddenly his profile was no longer available. 


    Sounds like these guys are acting freely on this site. There should be more control about the subscriptions. It doesn't make us feel safe.