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    Is it just me or does anyone else wonder if people (men) actually use this site? Secondly, are there any men on this site that are interested in black women? I'd hate to waste the membership fees and have absolutely zero interactions.

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    There's a lot to unpack in all the comments.


    It has nothing to do with your ethnicity and more to do with your age.


    Most men who are millionaires are older and we generally don't date outside our age range. For myself, I have dated one woman who was 15 years younger than I and I met her at a happy hour I attended with some friends.


    My profile is quite clear on two things: 1) distance and age do matter and; 2) I have no interest in someone outside my age range or is too far away to meet for a spontaneous dinner mid-week. Anyone who emails me who is young or too far away I just delete their email without responding.


    Why do I not respond?  Because if she had read my profile she'd know I wasn't interested.  If she wrote anyway, she obviously doesn't respect my position on the topic. Either way, I don't owe her a response.


    Unfortunately for you younger women, there really aren't many rich guys in your age bracket (on here or anywhere else) and the ones your age that are rich are usually already married or not worth having.

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    Yeah, I'm having the same issue...I got the membership cause I thought that I couldn't actually talk to anyone without it. However, I've only gotten a few likes and views but no messages or interactions.


    I am starting to think this website only works if your a certain ethnicity not just white. That or the guys here either too picky or too nervous to approach anyone cause they don't want to end up with someone whos only around for the money.


    Either way, if nothing happens, I'll just cancel my membership and go elsewhere. 


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    i really wouldnt waste money on a membership if you are not a white woman under 25.

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    Hi there    


                                    I would check out the link below, there are 184 pages of successful relationships here to date, so MM must be doing something right for many over the years.



    All the best and hope it all pans out for you.