Is sex considered OVERRATED on thre first date? Dating Tips and Advices

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    Is it of the norm to be having sex on the first date or would it be too much of a thirst move?

    Because when alcohol and sometimes feelings which some women gets confused with loneliness mix any game can be played and then after the sex we find out the true person we've gotten involved with. Whether he stays, leaves, calls you back or what? We cry and wonder why are these men such of an asshole. And then possibly those same men go around and do it over and over again and hurt other women. I think its best at times to wait, get to know the person more, even though things can happen.

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    Well I do agree there are a lots of kido men out there, but we have to also considere the facts about marriage is a committed act well we all know both on the female and on the male side sex is one of our primary  need, therefore I do believed if a couple have a great sex life together i mean enjoying eachother sexuality, by knowing and be able to provide satisfactions  to his or her partner's fantasies and little games I think there is a better chance that the marriage can work, to my own personal opinion I think it is better to try the sex before making any long-term descitions, which can enjoy lots of suffering in a TOXIC relationship.