I’m beginning to see exactly why I never wanted to internet Dating Tips and Advices

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    I am not the type that would have ever thought i would ever internet date/meet people but figured I would give it the benefit of the doubt. Hey, can’t discount something you’ve never tried right?  I make it plain as day I’m not interested in hook ups, children, frauds. I have experienced all 3 in just a matter of days. I’ve made it clear I will not respond to winks yet they come anyway, I say 40yrs of age min and even that is below my search criteria of 44 yet 18 to 39yr olds sending messages of desires to get to know me oh and can I verify my income? OMG KILL ME NOW. I’m a 53 year old professional man not some desperate old man looking for flings or one night stands, BELIEVE ME there’s plenty of that available in my profession. This is turning out to be a joke and waste of my time.