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    I joined this site about two weeks ago, with the intention of becoming a paid member. I did not get a paid status immediatelly as I wanted to set aside a few days to build a satisfactory profile and learn my way around the site. However, while doing so, I realized most 'active' profiles (with pictures and descriptions) are from the USA, very few from European countries. Love works in mysterious ways, but let's be realistic, my chances of meeting someone from a different continent are slim (I'm not saying it couldn't happen, just that the odds are not in my favour). To cut the long story short, I'm no longer sure whether to become a paid member. I'd like to hear your opinions, especially from people from Europe - is this site primarily targeted to Americans or do we Europeans stand a fair chance of meeting someone as well?

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  • View author's info Posted on Apr 11, 2018 at 01:08 PM

    Thank you, born1top, for wanting to help, but I did try the search function by countries (UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium...) and, like I wrote, a disappointingly low number of profiles were complete or semi-complete.

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    I mostly agree with you. This site is highly US oriented. It is true that love is an enigma, but not always is such madness capable of transposing distant borders and traveling colossal distances (actually, USA is also a huge country, with distances difficult to save even for the most daring of love). My impression when I registered here is that in this site I could find a touch of class, intelligence, experience in life and mature illusion. And also beautyness. But I am not sure whether or not the effort to overcome hundreds or thousands of miles of distance is worthwhile. 


    As for the latest question, I am pretty sure that we, Europeans, have little chances, but we have some. For sure!

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