Hello everyone! Dating Tips and Advices

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    Hey everyone, my name is Christina and I'm new in this site just joined in actually, pretty excited about it. However, I'm reading about how many people are fake on here and don't use real information about themselves.

    Does anyone have any advices on how to avoid fake individuals and actually get to know genuine people on here?

    Any dating related advice will be much appreciated :)) ^^

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    Alright, thank you a lot for your advices I really appreciate it ^^ :)

  • View author's info Posted on Jan 30, 2019 at 10:00 AM

    Hello ChristyLaa!


    welcome to MM =] after looking at your profile I would recommend the following:


    Take professional pictures - in any dating site pictures are really important but here, your pictures can make or break a potential match. Also use the system in place to your advantage by verifying your pictures. Wealthy men are paranoid about people constantly trying to steal their money, make it a bit easier for them to trust you by verifying you are a real person and not a fake profile yourself.


    Consider expanding your description - though your bio is actually better than most already, would still expand a bit further if you want a real chance with a wealthy man.


    The above will not prevent you from being contacted by fake profiles, but it will improve your chances of being contacted by real profiles.