Getting Scammed Dating Tips and Advices

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    I've received several emails from women stating that they are about ready to get off the site because they found "their one" and while signing off a male friend viewed the site and found my profile and loved it. She gave me his email address and said he was a great guy, in the military, and therefore couldn't have a MM profile. Well, as it turns out, it was all a scam. It didn't get too far, but I got several other emails with the same wording but different profile. Just a reminder, there are scam artists out there trying to get money or whatever. Never email anyone outside of the MM just because someone recommends him/her. If they can't be on the site themselves, then that should be a red flag

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    On line dating takes time, skill and common sense... If they are asking you to download another app or get your personal number or email because it is "easier"... SCAMMER.

    I also do not speak more than a few text and then I want to facetime or skype to assure they who they say they are.  If I search your name (if you give you full name) and you do not come up at all in any search.. SCAMMER!  Common sense and trust your instincts


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    Groundedlove(holistic Dr.) just blocked me after I asked him why he wasn't a verified Millionaire I think his net worth was 10 mill.  I did explain that there were lots of scammers on here and that is why I was asking.  I am a verified millionaire and will no longer chat with anyone who isn't in that hopes that there really is more than scammers on here.

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    I was messaged by a guy telling me that a girl named Stacy wanted to meet me. He gave me her gmail. I just deleted the message. I guess that's a new scam. It seemed odd that a girl wouldn't just contact me on MM. I guess that's what they do. They try to take you off the site.

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    Also there is no reason why someone in the military couldn't be on this website. It's not as if dating in Illegal, unless they are already married of course...

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    me too!

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    Men get scammed as well, and there are women up to nearly fifty years younger who try to leech on (intentional choice of words) because they think you have money.

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    I understand your situation. I have been asked for money by several "women" with all sorts of lies and lines. I figured why continue to pay for a site where only scammers reply. I have made several comments to both your posts and your pics because I am interested. I even laughed at the thought of double dating with your twin. I would love to get to know you but if you do not respond I understand. I am not out to hurt anyone it is horrible Karma.