Craziest dating stories . Dating Tips and Advices

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    Everyone's got 1 or 2 of these stories so let's hear it !...maybe I'll learn something

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    Wow you sure have been through the ringer, i hope things are looking up for you, there has got to be some genuine ones here surely lovinglifeat56  


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    Oh wow !...the scammers have definitely become more crafty . You have a good eye for spotting the bs though . Thanks for sharing your story ....I myself will apply a  little more caution to this online dating chapter. As you said , they do lay it on thick at times, especially if your lonely and vulnerable. Your like an easy target!

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    How much can I write? lol I've had 5 people that wanted money from me and iTunes cards. One guy in the navy said his daughter needed surgery and the hospital kept all of his paperwork passport everything and needed money for his daughter after for 3 months saying he was coming home and always an excuse!!  The military is the worst for all online romance scam. Then met this guy who was in the army and he was coming home in 2 weeks then it was a month then he sent a picture of his army badge and his passport and his flight info with his name on it.ok he's coming home right wrong!! His plane made an emergency landing in turkey and needed money for a flight home now.And come to find out his photos this Amy guy was the most photos used for online dating scams!! And he wanted me to,write his general and ask for him to leave the service for the holidays. #3. This guy after two weeks and sent me 25 photos of himself lives in  Denver and was in London for a shipment of cars he sold cars but there was a problem believe that lol lol :) and he needed money for something. #4 this guy from New York damian was in Paris and ended up in turkey and his daughter got sick and was in the hospital and guess what they had his passport also.same story...and now the same guy emailed me last week and got bitten by a scorpion 🦂 He needs money before he dies!!! If they can't meet you within a couple of weeks then something isn't right if they can't send a selfie right away something isn't right. It's basic commen sense u would think but these scammers are good I didn't send money but I can see people that are vulnerable and desperate for attention and these idiots can lay it on pretty thick!!  Something doesn't feel right go with your instinct. I did meet some really nice people but more of the scammers. Be safe and be careful!!