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    As we know...people are often not who they appear to be online...even when certified by this site...I've had men with certified photos and company websites featuring those photos be complete frauds. Anywho try to always be safe following the basics...meeting in public places, never letting them know where live, last names etc...


    Remember Google is your friend...

    • you can Google a person by name
    • you can Google their photo images
    • you can Google phone numbers
    • you can even Google weird phrases that seem borrowed

    Chances are you aren't the first person they are working...LOL..some one out there has seen their photo or name before and will save you a lot of time.


    Lastly...if they don't want to meet -- there is always a reason -- never a good one. That concludes this public service announcement...except I am pondering publicly shaming the guys that thought Google and I weren't besties...



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    I agree with the comments, but would like to add that it probably depends on the sophistication and the ultimate intention of the scammer. Some will no doubt be walter mitty types who are simply time wasters, whilst others may have more sinister intentions. This is what makes the cyber environment so challenging but by having a conversation and asking the right questions, I think you can usually tell who is genuine and who is not. 


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    You can tell I am genuine - I am sure a scammer would have sourced a much younger and better looking fake photo :-)


    Alas it is doomed to be the never ending saga with online dating. I even read somewhere, cant remember where, that you are not real unless you have a Facebook page. The downside of this is that men and women are relying on a Facebook page of a pending partner as that initial verification.


    All old news on here I am sure!

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    I think when we are POSITIVE someone is a scammer, they should be exposed, just to warn everyone else out there. Men AND women. Scammers are pretty clever.


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    Its funny you should mention this as, there is a profile here which when I  asked her to verify herself she blocked me and said she was reporting me for harrassement.  Yeah right....... Im on the other side of the world and she is not verified. I wonder what she has to hide? In her profile she claims that she does not mind about long distance relationships (any distance). So its not my fault. 


    Women, any of you have an instruction manual? 



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    You used to be able to reverse image search the images on here to verify they are who they say they are, but no more.  However I have learned a lot from the show Catfish and have gotten better at detecting the scammers, but its not 100%.  I always love the ones who send me requests for their friends who don't have internet, lol

  • View author's info Posted on May 19, 2017 at 03:22 AM

    Wow you are spot on there Happygigglygirl  watch a program here, you're no doubt familiar with it, called Catfish with Nev and Max and their television crew.  It is amazing the amount of people whom portray themselves as something they are not in order just to live out the fantasy while it lasts, only problem is the fantasy eventfully becomes their reality because they are not upfront from the get go and when they emotionally lead on another person, that person does not let go so easily.


    So yes it happens for sure in a minority of cases.