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    Please be careful, I was scammed again this week by someone who portrayed himself one way and then when he had to go to Malaysia on business. Although he called me everyday from Malaysia on the 5th day he asked for me to wire him money as he had a problem with his credit card.  Please be careful, I have learned that men who financial secure don"t borrow money from women.  You can also check out this website for their name:

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    You are right to suspect anyone who is considerably younger than you, only has one photo, unfortunately...anyone in military or military uniform, bad grammar, or misspelled words, those that message at odd hours, those half cloth, those that post pictures of their assets, half faced pictures, or from other countries.  It’s bad enough that you have to be careful with the legitimate profiles so definitely disregard all others to stay safer.  I’ve seen and heard it all and have had my profile pictures posted on sites I had no knowledge of.

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    The photos scammers used  ( 3 )


    username: Jacknel1969 


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    If I suspect an inappropriate contact, such as a huge age difference, I don't even respond.  It is possible many of them are scammers.  Even if they are not scammers, they want an inappropriate relationship. 


    If I am contacted by someone whose profile or initial message contains a phone number or e-mail address, I promptly report them to MM.

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    I met only on by text and phone three scammers on asking for money begging for money of course traveling and really needed the money once they were out of country.But claim they were millionaires on here just taken in by how men do this and think they can get away with this not that I gave in but it’s funny also same stories .... lol 😂 

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    Yes, for scammers, we are the targets on their shooting range !

    Recently I realized how much heavily we are surrounded by scammers.

    Once they “ interested “ in you, they might fake a lot of profiles after you forever !


    On Sep 8, I received a message from “ sam36363 “ with his gmail address and phone number without viewing my profile .


    I remember him faked a lot of profiles with different photos but similar descriptions since last year : 52 years old from Germany (sent me a “ favorite ” )  from NY , 47 years old from FL, etc… 


    I’m so sick and tired of have to dealing with these scammers all the time. 

    If they are good English speakers, I might should think about take the free “ online lessons “ until they send me a Bill .

    Some times I received 4 or 5 winks or messages a day .  

    From the photos I knew they all scammers : The photos usually is a up-close shoot stick on a unrelated back scene, no life elements…

    I left my message “ As a scammer, you are too lazy ! Too stupid ! Too rude ! “ and I sent my report to MM .


    Then when I came back to the front page, I can't believe my eyes : 

    He responded under his activity photo with calling my name “ Thanks, … “

    I was challenged by a scammer in public ❗️

    I have to completed conversations : “ I don’t  even know you !  I never talked to you before ! How did you know my name?! How many fake profiles you have here⁉️ ” Sooner, his profile was gone. 

    I took the picture and posted on my blog.


    On the same day , I received another message from an Asian guy , he wrote : 


    I am a very simple man in many ways because of the life I have lived as Petroleum Engineer build gas stations and service instal oil platform pumps with Chevron An**ony Wong my Facebook. I'm confident and strong because I hold my friends close to my heart and they are a big part of me and who I am. Life is beautiful, you are also magnificently beautiful and it's okay if you are beautiful inside out, and it is even more wonderful to share it with that special type of traditional woman with culture. I'm ABC divorced Chinese American with a little accents, And I don't speak or write Chinese because my parents never teach me .Well I enjoy every minute of it because I am full of love for life, love for people, love for the universe.I am soft hearten but also strong minded.I am young in body,mind and spirit. I love to laugh, have fun be playful and I am looking for that special person to share this great journey +14153737…


    I'm seriously worrying how does this genius possibly living on his scam business :

    Before tell me the magnificent story , why didn’t just take one second and think :

    What the exactly accent do you have ⁉️

    Where is this accent came from as a ABC‼️


    I realized how much heavily we are surrounded by scammers.

    We are the targets on the shooting ground !

    Once they “ interested “ in you, they might fake a lot of identities after you forever !


    I have to post all the photos I have had from scammers.

    I can’t post all of their informations because the “ personal information “ rules here .

    Although scammers are “ legally “ stealing our personal informations all the time !


    I know scammers would never use their own photos here. 

    I feel terribly sorry for these gentlemen. But hope it would stop scammers use their photos again and again to fool our ladies here.


    Rule is one thing , the bottom line is another matter.

    Rule can change a person, but if doesn’t even have the bottom line, is nothing.




    The photos scammers used : (1 )

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    i forgot to thank you about the website you shared. i almost got scammed by one of those guys. he looks like a puppy and so innocent. i knew he was a fake anyway.

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    oh my, if he can travel and asks you for money, it should ring a bell to you...that guy is not a millionaire. don't be naive. why didn't you ask if he can lend you some?

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    I just read your paragraph in the forum.  Guess what, I think we may have gotten the same scammer.  All that you have said about him is exactly the same as to what I experienced.  He said he owned a Antique store in North Carolina.  Had to go to Malaysia to sign for a shipment of goods that he was having shipped to the U.S.  (which i questioned). Also called from Malaysia.  Quickly started talking about romance and how he loved me etc. When we spoke on the phone I could barely understand him.  He sounded alot younger than 62 years old.  Also had me get on Instant Messages.  Blah,Blah,Blah.  I fell for it in the beginning, but started questioning his motives.  I ended up googling his name and sure enough his name came up on and InternetPig.  After reading about him I continued conversing just to find out more information. Waited for him to ask the big question. (needing money).  Promising to pay back with interest. It was then that he asked me for $18,000 which had something to do with his shipment. BUSTED!!!!!! 2 different identities. 

    What really bugged me is that he was the first one that I connected with.  Was new to online dating. I know question anyone that shows an interest in me.  To say the least, I LEARNED A HUGE LESSON......