WOW. My first spam or it it scam? Comments and Suggestions

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    I just received my first spam/scam. I will not respond to people who are from a different country. I am blonde by choice not an idiot!

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    I am so sorry you went through this but I hope you learned a good lesson from this.  NEVER EVER send a man money, if he was financially stable he would never ask.  That should have been your first red flag.  Scammers know you are vulnerable and will take advantage of your good nature.  Your identity is your most guarded asset.......don't give it to anyone.
    Good luck in your search.....
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    I have met ssomeone named Herb, he is known by heavydrama. if you have met him, you will be scamed. he is the best con artist i know. i am a savy women from NY and a widow. I guess he thought he could charm me out of money which he did. He borrowed money for his car, for his this and that, and gave me a painting of myself which he charged me for. 
    He used me and then stopped seeing me when he owed me too much and i was goinng to take him to court. he disappaired and moved to St. Marten. He is back now on Match.come. please be careful ladies. he is a charmer and goodlooking.
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    don't give out your private email address, if you do, make sure that the website u belong ie. aol or yahoo -that you do not have a profile of you.
    hate getting subscriptions and marketing from a deleted member.
    the new scam: divorced/single man with 10 yr old child ,consultant/engineering/ oil job (who asks for your job description ( you're not an fbi hahaha)(verifyong your income)ON THE FIRST INITIAL CONTACT.
    second:verifying where you live ,what type of housing(as(are they planning to move in with you with their child),they are european supposedly wantingto move into usa soil with your help.hahaha
    Third, upon your questions of their job and possiblity of moving to usa,you find they areworking outside usa at the moment, AND ON THEIR LAST JOB CONTRACT,AN NO HOME IN THIER STATED CITY IN USA.
    last test:SPAMMERS DONT LIKE CALLING YOU ON YOUR CELFONE NOE DO THEY WANT U TO CALL THEM..they don't like you to hear their voice,and find their location by gps which every celfone does have.police can track latitude and longitude of the earth even after fone call,as the celfone companies does have record of call origination. unless fone is restricted, it may show who actually owns the fone number,name will sow on your cel if you do not add tel number to your fone book yet.
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