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    Here is an example, i am a handsome and a cute guy with some values,and very caring persone, i work hard and love life, but my income is not so high, searching always a way to get up but here i think the fortune and the persone who are straight to you can let you achieve your goals, and till now i did not find any of..

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  • View author's info Posted on Aug 03, 2018 at 02:13 PM

    Not all millionaires were born rich...it just happen that some work hard, or some got extraordinary intelligence, creativity, inner knowledge, some may even have it in their DNA, and some came from families  had their kids working at a younger age. Some don't even reach millions till they are older...you are still young, and for what I see, you are from a different culture...with may make it a bit more difficult for you to grasp some concepts. Don't give up, but at the same time don't expect to be rich from day to night...it takes much work now, since our world has been lately changing...so don't expect what you are not able to achieve.

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