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    This is probably not the best way to meet the man of my dreams, but after getting a few messages from some of the members in this site and feeling that I was being hounded by shallow hearts who measure wealth by the size of one's bank account and not by character, I decided to write down my thoughts. I don't know if anyone will read this... probably not, but nonetheless here goes:

    I sometimes ponder over the world we live in and feel disgusted with the society we have created for the children of tomorrow. There is too much focus on wealth and power and achievement, which creates the context for so much personal unhappiness, because all too often it makes us as a society miss out on what really matters in life, and that is the personal welfare and the relationships of people. What a pitiful world this is. We need to change things. We have become increasingly isolated, as families and especially as individuals. Greed and want has taken over our lives, we do not look beyond our shoulder at the person in need behind us and totally ignore the people or the causes next to us.

    I also hope that someday people will set themselves free from their isolated "me-me-me" world and become more humble. I remain optimistic and believe that sooner or later the human race will birth a new mindset and people will turn within, contemplate themselves - where they have been, where they are going, where they are now - and then begin to see the human race as a family rather than a foreign competitor.

    You would be surprised how many people speak to me about the beauties of the things in this message only to, after a very few minutes of being left to ramble, decay into a much more energetic desire for money and for wealth. “I want to own a big home, with a view of the beach and a grand piano in my living room." "I want a Ferrari, a Mercedes, a couple of Plasma Tv's, a new Gucci purse and a private plane so I can fly around and tell everyone how wonderful it is to be alive on this planet.” "I want... I want.... I want..." You get the picture. Kind of makes you want to vomit, doesn’t it? But it happens every day. Every day, I hear these same stories. So, where do we as a society go with this, and is there any medicine for this? Simple - We have to give up our lust for wealth and focus on helping others to see their own potential. Now, notice that I DID NOT say GIVE UP YOUR WEALTH. I rather said to GIVE UP YOUR LUST for wealth. There is a grand difference between the two. Wealth can still be yours beyond your will to spend it, but your lust for it will fade and go away, and don't worry the fear you feel when you lust after it will also disappear. In fact you will free yourself. It’s almost like turning the oxygen back on after nearly suffocating.

    You know that feeling, right? Like you can barely breathe? I know you maybe haven’t counted on life including air and easier breathing for a long time now, but I know it is possible. I am a walking example of this and I am breathing that air right now. That air of freedom. I know we have forgotten that ancient language, and I know it wasn’t written anywhere … but I am here to tell you that you have it inside you, and that you too can reclaim if you really want to.

    Without sounding too corny, I feel that this transformation will allow you to walk with humility, keep your intentions pure, and be aware that new structures are forming around you. When we accomplish all of this, we will lay down our weapons, put away the guns, dismantle all the bombs, ground all the drones, abolish nuclear weapons, feed the hungry, care for the poor and sick, and finally liberate the oppressed. It will inspire us to continually strive for peace and nonviolence, it will shatter cold hearts of stone and give humanity more reasons to feel compassion and it will stir our spirits to change the world so that more and more people might live with justice, peace and dignity. I believe it. If you believe it too, then please contact me, or email me, I would love to meet you.

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    Are you upset at he people on this website,I have said this over and over,It's not about what you have,it's what you do with what you have,I believe,that those who have alot,for the most part,are not the happiest.I know when we do have alot ,we sometimes, take the simple things, for granted,It all goes back to the person's mind,A beautiful mind is the most important possesion a person can own. A beautiful mind,is what determines how a person will make the proper decisions,They can still be very wealthy,and yet be the most generous loving people,I have met the most amazing people,and yes there are a few who have to give everyone a bad name.Mr Casey owned the largest company in the world,They call it UPS today.He rode a bicycle to work and packed a brown bag lunch.Yet he cared enough when he died to leave every employee money,He had thousands of them.He did it because he had so  much respect, for the men and woman who made him successful.The children today ,at least the children I know don"t care about fancy cars homes clothes.They care about having a close knit family,like it use to be,that's my children,my grandchildren.I made it clear to them,Please do not judge others,because only one man will judge and that is God,And to love yourself after god first,so that you are able to love others.Respect yourself.

    Wishing all A Very happy ''Blessed Search'' for your Love And Total Happiness :)