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    Why not have a selection box where you can search for a person that is looking for someone your age.¿ I find it very frustrating to find a man that is of interest that is my age only to look at the bio and find that he is looking for a woman that is 15-20 years younger than he is. So i have wasted my time reading many bios where I don't qualify simply because of such a simple item that could be included in a basic search.

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    also funny I just looked at your profile another NY'er in the Vegas area - Born in Manhattan :)

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    ok, so it is not based on age??  since I am one of the fortunate ones - exercise and genes/ skin care that people can't believe my age and think I am in my 30's -(so the few I met - I say why would I make my age older- very funny)  I always liked older men - and again fortunate to look younger - It really should be on an individual basis and not so generalized!! Just my opinion on this 

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    I agree, but I'm one of those guys looking for a younger woman because I've been in the music industry all my life and find I'm more comfortable with a woman who lives life to the fullest like me. I find that older women are too set in their ways. 

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    Why are you not available? I do agree with you statement.