Who's your favorite Celebrity and why :) Celebrity Club

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    I have a great respect for the members of Bon Jovi due to their humanitarian work.

    Funnily enough, although I enjoyed their music in the eighties, I wasn't insanely gaga over their looks like most girls my age (all the hairbands looked alike to me--but some of the music stood out, so that's what I went by).

    Their shift to 'favorite' in my book occured a few years ago when I was internet searching for pictures of Jon...and wound up reading first interviews with/about him, then articles, and then stuff about the rest of the band.

    Now I admire them greatly. :)
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    1. great entertainer
    2. great singer
    3. has great lyrics/has great songs
    4. beautiful
    5. rich
    6. successful
    7. famous
    8. she is very happy/lucky
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    R.Kelly is the sexiest man alive,tall,dark and sexy. I seen him in concert twice and I would die just to get close to him one one can out shine him!!very talented.